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Books on Sale: Contemporaries from Jill Shalvis, Roxanne St. Claire and Brenda Novak

Book Head Over Heels - Jill Shalvis

RECOMMENDED: Head Over Heels is book 3 in the Lucky Harbor series, and is one of the best in the series. I remember reading this book at a conference and not wanting to leave my room so I could finish it. It's hard to beat life-threatening asthma as a reason why the hero and heroine don't get down and dirty. This book is one of this month's Kindle deals at Amazon and is on sale for $1.99. ETA: BN has matched the $1.99 price! That's a great price for a great contemporary romance.

Free-spirited Chloe lives life on the edge. Unlike her soon-to-be married sisters, she isn't ready to settle into a quiet life running their family's newly renovated inn. But soon her love of trouble–and trouble with love-draws the attention of the very stern, very sexy sheriff who'd like nothing better than to tame her wild ways.

Suddenly Chloe can't take a misstep without the sheriff hot on her heels. His rugged swagger and his enigmatic smile are enough to make a girl beg to be handcuffed. For the first time, instead of avoiding the law, Chloe dreams of surrender. Can this rebel find a way to keep the peace with the straitlaced sheriff?

Or will Chloe's colorful past keep her from a love that lasts . . . and the safe haven she truly wants in a town called Lucky Harbor?

$1.99 at Amazon | Goodreads | $1.99 at BN

Book Barefoot in the Sand

Barefoot in the Sand is the first book in Roxanne St. Claire's Barefoot Bay series. You might recognize St. Claire's name from her romantic suspense/adventure romance Troubleshooters series, but this is straight contemporary. It's on sale for $1.99, as the third book in the series, Barefoot in the Sun ( A | BN | K | iB ) comes out 30 April 2013.

When a hurricane roars through Lacey Armstrong's home on the coast of Barefoot Bay, she decides all that remains in the rubble is opportunity. A new hotel is just what Mimosa Key needs, and Lacey and her teenage daughter are due for a fresh start. And nothing, especially not a hot, younger architect, is going to distract Lacey from finally making her dreams a reality.

Love has already cost Clay Walker everything. And if he's going to have any chance of picking up the pieces of his life, he needs the job as Lacey Armstrong's architect. What's not in the plans is falling for the headstrong beauty. Her vision of the future is more appealing than anything he could have ever drafted for himself. Will Clay's designs on Lacey's heart be more than she can handle, or will she trust him to build something that will last forever?

Goodreads | Amazon | BN | Kobo | iBooks






Book Stranger in Town - Brenda Novak

Stranger in Town is a Superromance from January 2013. It's currently $1.99 $2.50 at Amazon, and $2.50 at

The car accident was Hannah Price's fault–a few seconds of inattention that changed Gabe Holbrook's life forever, destroying everything he'd been or ever wanted to be. He was a man who'd had it all. Intelligent, handsome, talented, rich, he'd been one of the best quarterbacks in the NFL.

Now he's come home to Dundee, the small town where he was raised, but he's a stranger to the people who once knew him. Folks think he's bitter and withdrawn; he knows he's just focused on recovering. But thanks to Hannah Price, there are some things that can't be fixed.

Hannah has been struggling to recover from that fateful night, too. Unlike Gabe, she sustained only minor injuries. But she's not sure she'll ever be able to forgive herself for making a mistake with such far-reaching consequences. Especially when Gabe becomes her older son's football coach, and she begins to fall in love with the man she nearly destroyed…

Goodreads | Amazon | BN


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    Ooooh, the Novak sounds angsty and I love angsty. Purchased!

    Yay, we have captchas back! I speak 41 languages, so this one is perfect :)

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    Holly Gault says:

    The St Clair link takes you to the wrong version of this Kindle that is not on sale, click on Roxanne’s name to get to this cover with the proper sale price. Also, the Amazon price for the Novak book is also $2.50.

    Hey, sale books. Always a good thing.

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    SB Sarah says:

    Thanks Holly – fixed the links and adjusted the price. The $1.99 must have been a one-day deal.

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