The Chocolate Kiss: Winners!

Book The Chocolate Kiss - Laura FlorandTime to announce the winners of The Chocolate Kiss!

The five winners of a paper copy are:

#9 Arloa
#18: Katrina T. 
#36 Hilary617
#76 Mamester
#103 alexdenae

The five winners of a digital copy are:

#53 Black Dragon Mama
#59 Megsan
#71 Alwdr
#91 Riga
#108 Alaina Keener

Winners, please email me with your address if you've won a paper copy, and your email address and format preference if you've won a digital copy. Thank you to everyone who entered (and all of you who made me crave dessert)!

Please don't forget, All Romance eBooks is offering the 50% eBook Buck rebate if you use code SBTBARE at checkout. The rebate is good from March 1-14, 2013, and the after-rebate price is $6.00 – not bad!. 

And a reminder: we have a chat date set, too! The Book Club Chat will be Thursday 28 at 9:00pm ET. Laura Florand will join us at 10pm for a Q&A.

I hope, whether you won a copy or not, you'll give this book a try, as it was charming and wonderful and chocolate and adorable. I hope you like it!

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    Congratulations!  I officially now want a recipe book of all the recipes people were mentioning as their favorites in the giveaway comments. Seriously.  We just have to come up with a title… :)

  3. 3
    Nicolette says:

    Smart Dames, tempting snacks?

  4. 4

    Or Smart Chicks, Not So Trashy Chocolate?  Trying for the alliteration. :)  Don’t really like the word chicks, though, but what else starts with a CH?

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