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S-HaBO-Day: Gotta Love a Hair-Brave Hero

Help a Bitch outPrachi writes in with this request for a Mills & Boon she read over 10 years ago: 

I was looking for a book – I guess published somewhere between 2002-2005, It's a Mills and Boon sensual romance (equivalent of Harlequin Desire or Blaze line I think)

It's set in a small town. The heroine is apparently a 'bad girl' with a bad marriage and a mad ex husband behind her. The hero is a cop, running for sheriff. Heroine's best friend is hero's sister and she apparently fixed them up when they both were out of town to the same place for their respective work. She set them up int he same hotel where things happened but may or may not have gotten fully hot and steamy.

Anyhow – She has a hair salon and someone is intend on sabotaging it – turns out to be her ex husband. Surprise surprise. Drama ensues. She doesn't think she's good enough for him because of her reputation. Even her own mum shuns her. So in a grand gesture which generally make me cringe and want to die – but this one was cute- he colors his hair blue and invites the whole town to the salon and tells them that they can elect him sheriff if they trust him but that would mean they trust him to find his own life partner (= heroine) or they can elect some stupid incompetent jerk sheriff. Their wish.

Yeahhh. I've been looking for this book since a long time, God knows why I am only writing to you now! But I hope you and the rest of the bitchery can help me out.

Some heroes are pretty memorable – and if he'd been on the cover with that hair, we'd have no trouble remembering this book! Anyone recognize that romance?


Help a Bitch Out

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    Smwurfy says:

    the blue haired hero sounds funky lol!

  2. 2
    Prachi says:

    He is. If only I can find him. Sigh

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