It’s DABWAHA Selection Sunday!

DABWAHAThe DABWAHA bracket is ready to be filled out. Just click on “New” and enter your identification. Only the Nickname will show up publicly. Then click on the title of the book you will think will each match until you have only one book left as your Champion. The tie breaker is the number of reader nominations we received. Hint: it is under 1000.

If you have problems, we are going to host a Google Hangout on Monday at 7:30 / 8:30 CST/EST where we will walk you through picking a bracket.

If you're using a screen reader and having problems with the bracket selection page, please email me and I can help you complete your bracket.

Finally, the prizes have been posted. We have a ton of awesome prizes donated by DA BWAHA and authors from iPads to Lush packages. Plus, there are prizes for middle of the road brackets, the worst bracket and for winners of each round.






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