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A door in a black room that opens to a forest and a path in the woodsHere in the northeastern US, we're getting ready for a big ol' blizzard, a Nor'easter that is likely to bring an epic dumpus of snow to New England. Here in the NY metro area, the forecasts range from 3-40+ inches (7-101cm). (Wow. Snow in cm is WAY more impressive!) So I've been preparing by making sure the crock pot is clean, the cars have gas, we have shovels and salt… and I have BOOKS TO READ.

Seriously, can you get through a snow dumpus without books? Inconceivable!

So on my docket this weekend: The Chocolate Kiss, by Laura Florand, and, depending on how much time I have, The Dark Lady by Maire Claremont. That would be light and fluffy vs. dark and angsty, which ought to cause my brain no small amount of ?!. I couldn't get through the first book in Florand's series, because I thought the heroine was an asshole, but I started this one and am enjoying the hell out of it so far.

What about you? Snow or no snow, what are you reading? This is one of my favorite threads because, well, it gets supremely expensive after awhile, since I go buy many of your suggestions (darn it). What are you loving or wishing you could read next? Share share! 


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