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Romance Sales at Kobo for Australian and New Zealand Readers

The Valentine's Day Collection The following sales alerts are for Australia and New Zealand readers only- g'day, y'all! Hope it's a lovely morning for you. Kobo has been giving me the heads up about sales for you guys at their online store. American readers, these are not for us – I can't see half of them from where I am, even using an Australian proxy to pretend I'm in Australia (Mmm. Pretend Timtams). 

These books are on sale through 28 February 2013 for Australian and New Zealand readers.

If the prices aren't working, I'm sorry – please let me know which ones? These ebook sale prices are, to the best of my knowledge, only available at Kobo. Some of these discounts are kind of amazing ($4.99 instead of $15.99? WOO!) so I hope you pick up some excellent books! Here we go! LINKERATION BEGINS NOW! This is a small part of the list, too. Fear not, Australia & New Zealand – more coming soon! 


The Trouble with Valentine's –  Kelly Hunter

As far as women’s fashion accessories went, he was spectacular. A black-haired, cobalt-eyed, dangerous- looking toy who no doubt warned you outright not to bother playing with him if you didn’t like his rules. He was like a Hermes handbag; women saw and women wanted, even though they knew the price was going to be astronomical.

Hallie Bennett likes a challenge, though – and his offer is tempting: $5,000 if she pretends to be his wife for a week. It might not be the most traditional Valentine’s Day proposal… but she’s hardly a traditional girl. Maybe a week in the high life, with a man to match, will be just the ticket. Just as long as she doesn’t start wishing the ‘I do’ is real. 

Originally $15.99
Kobo: AU/NZ: $4.99


The Valentine's Day Collection The Valentine's Day Collection 2013

The Tycoon's Rebel Bride – Maya Banks
The Illegitimate King – Olivia Gates
Engagement Between the Enemies – Kathie Denosky
The Prince's Mistress – Day Le Claire
Cowboy's Special Woman – Sara Orwig

This is five books in one edition, including The Tycoon's Rebel Bride, which is one of my most favoritest Maya Banks books. 

Originally: $16.99
Kobo : AU/NZ $4.99




The Valentine Affair
Mary Lyons

Alexandra Pemberton had promised her newspaper a Valentine exclusive: the story of Leo Hamilton's whirlwind engagement to Fiona Bliss. By fair means or foul—and more likely foul!—Fiona had succeeded where many had failed, and got the world's most determined bachelor at least halfway to the altar!

Alex was impressed! She was also— -she had to admit—- jealous as hell! Eight years ago Leo had almost seduced Alex—almost. It had never been enough. And dogging Leo's all-too-attractive heels, Alex realized that she wanted Leo as an exclusive, all right—exclusively hers!

Originally: $6.99
Kobo: AU/NZ $4.99


Kelly Hunter

Madeline Delacourte is having the time of her life in Singapore. Young, free and absolutely single. Rich-as-rich-can-be she wants for nothing, especially not an annoyingly complicated relationship… but doesn’t all work and no play make for a very dull girl?

Fresh off the plane, Jianne Xang-Bennett wants a man, preferably a tall, dark stranger, to help her get out of an awkward fix! Or should Jianne be careful what she wishes for?

Over Singapore Slings these two single girls are tempted to throw caution to the wind. Should someone remind them that holiday romances never last…or would that spoil all the fun?

Originally $12.99
Kobo AU/NZ $4.99


Be My Valentine, Vampire:
VAMPIRE'S TANGO by Mihcele Hauf

Roses are red, violets are blue… this Valentine’s day let a vampire seduce you! Five smoulderingly sensual vampires are ready for lust, love and debauchery. From the sizzling dance floors of Paris to the gothic playground of New Orleans, these demons are on the prowl for deliciously dangerous romance. They’ll have to fight their own wicked urges, not to mention other dark supernatural forces, if they want it to be love at first bite! Indulge your dark side with these sinfully hot short stories.

Originally $7.99
Kobo AU/NZ $4.99


Book Be Mine

Be Mine:
SIZZLE by Jennifer Crusie
TOO FAST TO FALL by Victoria Dahl
ALONE WITH YOU by Shannon Stacey 
SB Grade: C+

Originally: $15.99
Kobo AU/NZ: $4.99




Diamonds Are For Lovers:

Originally $15.99
Kobo AU/NZ $4.99


Her Valentine Temptation
HER SEXY VALENTINE by Stephanie Bond
THE CHASE by Betina Krahn
THE TAKEDOWN by Joanne Rock 

Originally $15.99
Kobo AU/NZ $4.99


Book ONce UPon a Valentine

Once Upon a Valentine: 
All Tangled Up by Stephanie Bond
Sleeping with a Beauty by Leslie Kelly
Catch Me by Michelle Rowen

She had long, gorgeous hair

Summer Tomlinson always had a thing for Andrew Macmillan. Now that they're business partners—as well as bed partners!—Summer wonders if letting her hair down will catch him for good….

He sought a sleeping beauty

Historian Ashlynn Scott is seeking the fabled castle of Sleeping Beauty. But with just one kiss, she finds herself tangled up—and tangled in the sheets!—with a rogue adventurer. She might never want to wake up!

She was being chased by every man

Ginger Redman wanted to be irresistible, so she made a wish on a magic cookie. And the baked treat delivers—sending her sexy best friend, Stephen Fox, right into her bed!

Originally $13.99
Kobo AU/NZ: $4.99



The Kommandant's Girl and The Diplomat's Wife by Pam Jenoff

The Kommandant's Girl:

Nineteen-year-old Emma Bau has been married only three weeks when Nazi tanks thunder into her native Poland. Within days Emma's husband, Jacob, is forced to disappear underground, leaving her imprisoned within the city's decrepit, moldering Jewish ghetto. But then, in the dead of night, the resistance smuggles her out. Taken to Krakow to live with Jacob's Catholic cousin, Krysia, Emma takes on a new identity as Anna Lipowski, a gentile.

Emma's already precarious situation is complicated by her introduction to Kommandant Richwalder, a high-ranking Nazi official who hires her to work as his assistant. Urged by the resistance to use her position to access details of the Nazi occupation, Emma must compromise her safety—and her marriage vows—in order to help Jacob's cause. As the atrocities of war intensify, so does Emma's relationship with the Kommandant, building to a climax that will risk not only her double life, but also the lives of those she loves.

The Diplomat's Wife: 

Love was not a luxury Marta Nedermann could afford during the war. But with the Nazis defeated, her life takes a surprising turn when she meets Paul, a handsome American soldier. Their whirlwind romance is cut short when his troop is deployed, but promises of marriage and a rendezvous in London bolster Marta s spirits. Then, tragically, a plane crash claims Paul's life, and Marta is left alone to discover to her delight and dismay that she is pregnant.

Now, two years later, Marta has picked up the pieces and moved on. She has started over in London with her husband, a British diplomat, with whom she shares a companionable, if passionless, marriage. Simon asks her no questions, and Marta is happy to keep close her memories of Paul and let her deeds of the past remain unspoken.

But Marta's new life is anything but simple. A new war has been brought home to her doorstep: Communist loyalists have infiltrated British intelligence, and the one person who holds the key to exposing the leak is connected to Marta's past. There is a traitor amongst them who needs to prevent Marta s involvement, and no one – not her former friends or current lover – can be trusted.

Originally $19.99
Kobo AU/NZ $4.99


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    If nothing else it would either confirm or dispel the feeling I have that the multinational publishers are not behaving fairly, and rarely discount books in the UK even when the self-same books are sold cheaply in the US.  I can see there might be some true reasons when they’re print books, but I cannot see any reason why ebooks should be priced differently.

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    HJ – I am working on finding sales listings for the UK. I don’t want to leave you out! It’s tricky for me to find them bc I can’t see the price. I get a little message to get back to my geographic territory where I belong. I’m working on it though! Sorry for the wait!

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