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Books on Sale: Elizabeth Lowell and Sandra Brown Reissues

Book Mirror Image - Sandra Brown

Years ago, I had a Sandra Brown omnibus, and this was one of the books in it. I think I've read Mirror Image a dozen or more times. Published in 1990, it's over-the-top dishy crazysauce with mistaken identity and plastic surgery and double crossing – it's fun. This is a $1.99 pre-order and the book releases tomorrow, Tuesday 26 February, so I bet the price will change soon. It's kind of amazing how often in romance someone could end up with someone else's face.

The crash of a Dallas-bound jet wasn't just a tragedy to TV reporter Avery Daniels; it was an act of fate that handed her a golden opportunity to further her career. Mistaken for a glamorous, selfish woman named Carole Rutledge, the badly injured Avery would find that plastic surgery had given her Carole's face, the famous senatorial candidate Tate Rutledge for a husband, and a powerful Texas dynasty for in-laws. And as she lay helpless in the hospital, she would make a shattering discovery: Someone close to Tate planned to assassinate him. Now, to save Tate's life, Avery must live another woman's life — and risk her own…

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Book Whirlpool - Elizabeth Lowell

This book was originally published as The Ruby in 1994 under the name “Ann Maxwell.” This digital re-release is $1.99.

When an exquisitely crafted, authentic imperial Faberge egg mysteriously shows up at Laurel Swann's home studio, she knows it can only be from one person—her father, who has drifted in and out of her life for as long as she can remember. But this time Jamie Swann leaves her something too many people will kill for.

Out of her league and desperate, Laurel is forced to accept help from the very man who is trying to ensnare her father in his own web of double crosses. Cruz Rowan can help her stay alive, but will he do the same for her father?

Elizabeth Lowell, writing as Ann Maxwell, deftly combines the nonstop action of a spy thriller with the heart-pounding excitement of true love and adventure.

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Book Death is Forever - Elizabeth Lowell

This book was published as The Diamond Tiger under the name “Ann Maxwell,” and is available digitally for $1.99. According to the new cover copy, it's been updated by Lowell: “In the years since first publication, the diamond trade has changed so greatly that it would be impossible to update the facts in the book without destroying the very story that had compelled me to write in the first place. But like the diamond trade, my style of telling a story has also changed over the years. I decided to revisit the novel because I loved it and hoped my new readers would as well.”

A Priceless Fortune Is Here For the Taking. But Is It Worth the Risks?

Erin Shane Windsor is left a legendary diamond mine in western Australia by a great-uncle she never even knew she had. But the old man took the secret of the mine's location to his grave. All he left behind were cryptic clues written in verse — and some very dangerous enemies who'd like nothing better than to claim the mine themselves.

To help her, Erin hires Cole Blackburn, a geologist with a mysterious past who has his own reasons for wanting to find the treasure.

From glamorous San Francisco and London to the hauntingly beautiful Australian outback, this sensational romantic thriller takes you on an unforgettable roller-coaster ride.

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    Kadiya says:

    Wow!  I remember Mirror Image.  Back then, it was one of my favorites.  If I’m not mistaken, it was my first Sandra Brown and led directly to me reading pretty much everything she had written at the time.

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