Thanking the January Advertisers

Time to thank the folks who advertised here in January 2013. They've helped support the hot pink palace of Bitchery. And it's also time to thank you (yes, you! You look lovely today) for clicking on the ads. You're helping advertisers who want to reach romance readers directly, and hopefully you're also finding good books to read! Thanks, y'all!

Mandy Roth's Raven Books - paranormal Tracy Deebs - Doomed - YA

Suzanne Jenkins Greek-Set Contemporary Romance (with some suspense)Jane Cosby's Fortune Knocks Once - historical

Kate George - Bree Macgowan Mystery, set in Vermont Cerise De Land and Desiree Holt: SEALs on Fire

Victoria Dannan - Paranormal RomanceReconstructing Jackson - Civil War historical by Holly Bush

Leigh Evans: Paranormal Romance with half were/half fae heroineJennifer Estep - Crimson Frost

Jana DeLeon Miss Fortune Mystery - set in LouisianaSurrender Temptation Serial by Lauren Jameson

All Romance: Read and Review Giveaway ContestGrave Intentions by Lori Sjoberg

Shannon Stacey - All He Ever DreamedMaya Banks - Shades of Grey - KGI Series

Dana Marie Bell - The Hob Alessandra Torre - Blindfolded Innocence



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