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Suppose you're having a somewhat stressful day, or you're feeling a little agitated and out of sorts. It's possible, right? Tina C. is here to help, with this newspaper profile about a couple that's been together for more than 60 years:

Eric Marcoux and Eugene Woodworth will celebrate 60 years together on June 13. The couple met in Chicago in 1953. Woodworth was a ballet dancer, and Marcoux was just leaving a Trappist monastery.

Marcoux, 82, and Woodworth, 84, participate in Friendly House's Gay and Grey program, and Marcoux has been a Buddhist teacher for 23 years.

Q: How did you meet?

Marcoux: I'd just come from the 12th century. I was in a Trappist monastery when I was very very young. (I) went into a restaurant and ran into a friend, and he was sitting with someone. I was invited by my friend Nathan to come to a party that evening. And I said, “No, no, no, I'm going to a movie with friends.” I went and sat down. I had what I swear was a paranormal experience. I subjectively felt like something put its hands under my armpits and lifted me and marched me back. I'm looking at Nathan and saying, “I've decided to come to your party. And won't you introduce me to your friend?” I'd never been so forward in my whole life. 

The whole article was so beautiful and peaceful to read. It's like a deep warm breath of HEA – similar to good book sigh, the noise that I make when I finish a wonderful book, now that I think about it.

Athine vs the Blood Sisters - fuzzy version of a woman with a giant spear and equally giant cleavage in a very drippy woods. From Angela comes a link to Lousy Book Covers on Tumblr, which examines really, really bad book covers, and a book that's not a romance, but has excellent, um, features. 0_o (Tagline of the site: “Just because you CAN design your own book cover doesn't mean you SHOULD.”)

It seems the Lousy Book Covers Tumblog has received all the attentions of the internet lately, including a cease and desist letter from an author who objected to her cover being featured on the site. 

But, it also inspired a Polish blogger to start a collection of incredible (and I use the term somewhat loosely) Polish book covers

And with that duo now on the internet, I think we all win.

Via Ashlea on Twitter, a link to Regency Errata – a new blog devoted to historical inaccuracies in the Regency era.

You can even nominate a book for the hosts to find every error in the book. Oh, boy. That might be a busy submit form.

And thanks to the many, many people who forwarded me this link to The Onion's coverage of the continued gang warfare between AP Stylebook and the Chicago Manual of Style

“At this time we have reason to believe the killings were gang-related and carried out by adherents of both the AP and Chicago styles, part of a vicious, bloody feud to establish control over the grammar and usage guidelines governing American English,” said FBI spokesman Paul Holstein, showing reporters graffiti tags in which the word “anti-social” had been corrected to read “antisocial.”




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    Jenny Lyn says:

    Oh, wow, that article made me cry, but in the good way. Considering the challenges that gay couples are still facing today, imagine what it must have been like for them that many years ago. What an amazing story of true love! *happy sigh*

  2. 2

    The article on that 60-year relationship is really beautiful. Thank you so much for linking to it. I loved reading it.

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    Maite says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you for the link to the Polish covers. Though know I wonder what do they do to the people who study graphic design. Have you seen Polish movie posters?

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