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Books on Sale: Sabrina Jeffries

books in shopping cartLooking for historical romance to read? There are many Sabrina Jeffries titles on sale, and I confess, I haven't tried her books. Might be time to change that, you think? 

A Dangerous Love

A Dangerous Love is book 1 in the Swanlea Spinsters series. There is also peek-a-boo man nipple on the cover. This book is $1.99 digitally. 

He was playing a dangerous masquerade…Griff Knighton′s found the perfect way to avoid being trapped into marriage with one of the Earl of Swanlea′s daughters: he′ll swap identities with his man of affairs during their next visit to Swan Park, and be free to pursue his own desires!

After all, he′s not about to marry some homely spinster just to claim his rightful title. But Griff didn′t reckon on the brazen, voluptuous Rosalind, who could tempt even a saint into sinning, and Griff is no saint. She was determined to unmask him…

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A Notorious Love

A Notorious Love is $1.99, and also features peek-a-boo nipple! This is book 2 in the Swanlea Spinsters series. 

Helena Laverick is at her wits end! The only man who can help find her eloping young sister is that scoundrel Daniel Brennan—the man who played with her emotions last year and then left. And he used to be a smuggler! Although Mrs. Nunley's Guide to Etiquette for Young Ladies would never approve, Helena forced to go after the runaway in Daniel's company. But something about being with him feels oddly freeing—and a delicious tingle warns Helena that more than her reputation may be in danger . . .

Daniel finds most of the prim and proper lovely's rules ridiculous—but when she insists on masquerading as his wife for the sake of appearances, he immediately envisions the delights of sharing a bedchamber. The unexpected smouldering beneath her straitlaced exterior ignites his desire, and die vulnerability hidden beneath her cool control makes him want her even more. Yet Helena's a lady, and he's the son of a highwayman. How can he ever ask her to share his world?

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After the Abduction

After the Abduction, book 3 in the Swanlea Spinsters series, is also $1.99. No more peek-a-boo nipple, but he is taking his shirt off in the snow. 

After two London seasons—and a score of resoundingly dull society suitors—Juliet Laverick finds herself longing for one man: Morgan Pryce, the dashing scoundrel who kidnapped her two years ago. But her determination to bring the rogue to justice hasn't waned—until Morgan's twin brother, Sebastian, arrives with some shocking news: Juliet's mysterious paramour has disappeared.

Sebastian, Lord Templemore, dares not tell Juliet the truth: he is the man she seeks—it is his kiss she yearns for. Confessing to the abduction would bring devastating scandal upon them both. But how can he persuade her to forsake her dedicated pursuit of her dream lover, when all he dreams of is holding her in his arms again?

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  1. 1
    Allison says:

    I read Notorious Love without reading the first installment in the series.  It was practically incomprehensible.  Everything about the H/h was apparently revealed in the first book and there were cryptic references to that story that completely frustrated and baffled me.  It was almost a constant flow of, “Oh, you remember—”  “Yes, I do so we needn’t revisit it and let the reader in on the story.” 

  2. 2
    Asymmpiano says:

    I read After the Abduction first, and I think I’ve also read Notorious Love but don’t remember it well. Can’t remember if I ever read the first book in the series. Sabrina Jeffries books, for me, are more just light and fun than this-is-so-good-I-can’t-stop-reading; I don’t list her as one of my favorite authors, but I’ll definitely buy at least After the Abduction given this convenient sale. There are a couple of scenes that have stuck with me for years…in a good way.

  3. 3
    Jessica Peter says:

    This post caught my eye since Sabrina Jeffries is probably my top historical romance author! But alas, in Canada the books are still $9.50 for paperbacks.

  4. 4
    Lynne-RC says:

    I tried multiple stores, but it seems my Canadian address had jinxed me.  7.99 is the cheapest I could find it for.  I own After the Abduction and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Would like to read the others, but book $$ only go so far, especially when the TBR that I own is HUGE.

  5. 5

    Fun fact: I know a niece of hers :D she and I had the same class and she sort of introduced me to her aunt’s books.

  6. 6
    Kisah Meyer says:

    I would start with one of her other series first, as the Swanlea Spinsters wasn’t my favorite of hers…..

    The Hellions of Halstead Hall was a really good series – I glommed the whole thing in under two weeks or so – and it starts with The Truth About Lord Stoneville.  There’s a murder mystery-thing going through the whole series too, and I eat that stuff up….

    Still working my way through the School for Heiresses series – though it’s fun too, it doesn’t send me into glom-mode like the Hellions did – and it starts with Never Seduce A Scoundrel.

    Hope this helps….

  7. 7
    Wicken4 says:

    I have tried, and tried, and tried again, to enjoy a Sabrina Jeffries book.  I mean, how is it that such a published author, with so many books under her belt, are always DNF for me?!

    The book cover blurbs are usually promising, but I can never stand her characters.

  8. 8
    Beccah W. says:

    It depends on the series. Jeffries is a good writerm but I often am not in love with the characters. I’d say her best series is the School for Heiresses. I also read the Hellions of Halstead Hall series, and found is simply ‘ok’.

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