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Books on Sale: More Caroline Linden Historicals

Shopping Cart with books A few more Caroline Linden titles are on sale digitally – woo hoo! It's supremely cold out, which makes me feel six times more inclined to find a blanket and a corner of a cushy piece of upholstered furniture and not move until May. 


A View to a Kiss - a close up of two people about to kiss, and they look very sleepy

This book is $2.99 on sale at most retailers. Those two cover models are most likely sleepy.

It was a most coveted invitation—a glittering ball attended by all the important people of the ton. But Mariah, a ravishing beauty thought by all to be the catch of the season, never expected to find true love amid the shadows. The mysterious man she meets there ignites a passion within her she never thought possible. When he starts a clandestine midnight courtship in her bedroom, Mariah is scandalized—and enthralled.

Harry Sinclair is a man of secrets who would do anything to protect those in his charge. But when he lays eyes on the stunning Mariah, duty and desire collide. Though every man in London lusts for her, he knows the fiery attraction between them is unparalleled. But in a world where trust can turn to treason and scandal can topple the throne, Harry and Mariah will fight a perilous fight for their precious love—and their lives.

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For Your Arms Only  - a woman in an orange gown with her back to a hero with no shirt and an EPIC MULLET

The digital edition of For Your Arms Only is $2.99. The picture of that man's mullet, however, is a free gift with purchase!

He was once a distinguished army officer, a man of honor and heroism. But that was before Alexander Hayes was wrongly accused of treason. Forced to abandon everything he held dear, Alec became a spy for England in an attempt to clear his name. His latest commission sounds simple: locate a retired soldier gone missing. But it also sends him back home, to a family who'd thought him dead for five years—and a woman who'd like to shoot him.

Everything Cressida Turner's ever heard about Alec tells her that he's a traitor of the worst kind, and yet this enigmatic, infuriating, and utterly captivating man may be the only person she can trust—and the only one who can find her missing father. With nowhere else to turn, she reluctantly joins forces with Alec, unprepared for both the dangerous secrets that threaten them and the relentless passion that drives them into each other's arms.

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You Only Love Once - another kissing close up, this time with the hero above and the heroine in the bottom of the image.

You Only Love Once is on sale for $2.99.

Devilishly handsome and absolutely fearless, Nate Avery is in London on an important mission—and paired with an English spy, who is meant to watch him as much as aid him. But much to his surprise, that spy turns out to be an alluring and enigmatic temptress.

Angelique Martand may be a beauty, but she's also the most dangerous agent in England—and this job is far beneath her. She doesn't like the way the dashing American looks at her, or the way he makes her feel—like a woman, not like a spy. She can't afford to fall under Nate's spell and indulge her desires, no matter how desperately she wants to.

But soon it becomes clear that there's more to this job than either of them knows . . . and the secret they uncover could cost them their lives as well as the once-in-a-lifetime passion that burns between them.

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    A View to a Kiss is in my favorites folder (finally, an historical with a plain Mister hero), but I’ve been waiting for the price to come down on the rest of the series. Huzzah! Now I can finally find out what happens to the other characters.

  2. 2
    Carrie Gwaltney says:

    ALL the models look sleepy! There are no open eyes on any of the covers.

  3. 3
    Beccah W. says:

    Loving the mullet on the 2nd cover! They just don’t make hair like that anymore /sigh

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