Whatcha Reading? More Traveling Edition!

an open book with a field and a tree growing out of it, against a skyOnce again, it's holiday travel time. With Christmas Eve and Christmas Day falling on a Monday and Tuesday respectively, I'm betting there's a whole lot of moving around going on between yesterday and today – and waiting. Always waiting! 

Which would mean that we're carrying books with us, right? I mean, when are we NOT carrying a book? 

I'm currently between books and trying to figure out what to read next. I took a break from romance to read some nonfiction about efficiency and workplace prioritizing (and how being busy is not the same as being efficient or even effective) (darn it) so I'm looking for something to begin reading. It's both awesome and unnerving at the same time. Sort of like jumping in a cold pool: I have to just start reading and jump in already.

So, whatcha reading this weekend? What's making your brain and eyeballs happy?

Safe travels, happy holidays, and good reading to all of you!


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    I stalled out on The Wedding Shroud due to a severe case of Potato Rage. I’ll be reading the Connie Willis Miracle anthology this weekend in between crocheting beanies and baking cookies. It’s going to be fabulous!

  2. 2
    Lisa says:

    I’m in the process of rereading a few books I read many years ago, Catherine Coulter’s FBI series.  I’m starting with The Cove, and hopefully, ending 15 books later with Backfire.  I don’t think all the books are related, but it’ll be fun reading them anyway.

    I know what you mean about “Sort of like jumping in a cold pool.”  I’m always a bit on edge reading a new book, until it grabs me.  But once it does, it’s a wonderful feeling!!

    Happy Holidays.

  3. 3
    Rij says:

    I’m about halfway through Seanan McGuire’s Discount Armageddon and enjoying it a lot. I’ll probably manage to finish it tonight or early tomorrow, depending on how much I procrastinate on cleaning. No idea what I’ll pick up after it, there’s piles and piles of books to choose from.

  4. 4
    FairyKat says:

    Stuutering through Sinister Game, hesitating in the new Meredith Duran till I actually have time to get sucked in, and hoping, wishing, for the brain space to read some literary fiction. I really want to have the energy to read The Black Count—about the real count of Monte Christo, who was Dumas’ grandfather (the black refers to his race—apparently he was this African general in Napoleon’s army and a hero of derring-do) I have such hopes for this book!

  5. 5
    Dlbruce0107 says:

    I just discovered Darynda Jones’ Charley Davidson. Gotta love a girl who names her boobs ‘Danger’ and ‘Will Robinson’ (Will for short). Full of humor and snark. And hard to beat the Son of Satan as a love interest!

  6. 6
    Mikaela Lind says:

    I am plowing through my TBR pile. I have read 25 (!) books so far this month. Just 180 to go… ;).  And as a reward, I bought more books ( just 4) on Books on boards sale :).  And… after new year’s eve I can legally glomp on Edgar Wallace mysteries, since they enter Public Domain then. Yay! 

  7. 7
    Jennifer Estep says:

    I just finished Storm by Brigid Kemmerer. Next up, I think I’ll read The Trouble with Cowboys by Melissa Cutler. Happy Holidays and happy reading, everyone!

  8. 8
    Beggar1015 says:

    I’m reading… Everything!  Seriously, now that I’ve got two weeks off for Christmas vacation, I’m hitting my TBR pile with everything I’ve got.

  9. 9
    Tam says:

    I’m probably going to re-read Connie Willis’ Doomsday Book, since a) I hate this time of the year so I don’t mind being gloriously depressed, and b) it makes me miss Brasenose and Oxford at Christmas.

  10. 10

    I’m reading The Odyssey, Metamorphosis for my own book challenge, and I’m also reading Cloud Atlas, Life in Ancient Egypt and will continue to read my goodreads pile which has nine books…and hopefully eleven or so on the way…

  11. 11

    (Yikes, eleven, not even halfway there…)


  12. 12
    alysonli says:

    I’ve just finished reading Julia Stuart’s The Pigeon Pie Mystery, which I didn’t find *quite* as enjoyable as her The Tower, the Zoo, and the Tortoise, but it was still charming and adorable.  Just started Cassandra Rose Clarke’s The Assassin’s Curse and while I’m liking the story, the voice of the main character is aggravating me.  She says a lot of stuff like “I ain’t never seen no…” and it’s making me give her a backwoods, redneck accent in my head.  Which might be assholey of me, but there it is, and it’s making reading a story taking place in a fantastical desert world really weird.

  13. 13

    Second Grave On the Left by Darynda Jones. Not feeling well but I have one less prezzie to craft and wrap.

  14. 14

    I’m reading The Flight of Gemma Hardy by Margot Livesey. It’s bee on my list for ages and I’m so glad I’ve finally got around to it! I’m also about 100 pages into Game Change, a book about the 2008 presidential election. Not sure I’ll make it through, but it was highly recommended and is fairly interesting.

  15. 15
    Brianne says:

    just devoured Motorcycle Man by Kristen Ashley.  Stayed up wot to late last night and finished it this morning, I was so drawn into the story.  I will be reading more of her work!

  16. 16
    PamG says:

    I’ve been alternating between early Loretta Chase with weird e-typos and Laura Resnick’s Esther Diamond novels.  I just finished Polterheist, the last of Resnick’s hilarious series.  I love Esther and Lopez.  Even through all the silliness, their relationship just resonates. 

    I have The Duchess War, Loretta Chase’s Isabella and The English Witch (2 titles), and Imogen Robertson’s Circle of Shadows awaiting me on my Kindle, but I should probably attend to my library books, Sherwood Smith’s Coronets and Steel or Susan Hill’s Question of Identity.  This last promises to be well written and an engaging mystery as well as due soonest, but I don’t know if I can deal will one more depressing thing this year. 

    Of course, I really should just forego the reading and address the crapton of work I have to do before C-day.  Anyway, Merry New Year, you all. 

  17. 17
    Aemelia says:

    I’m in desperate need of some good reading materiel! Everything I’ve picked up lately has been pretty humdrum. :( I just finished Johanna Lindey’s LET LOVE FIND YOU I usually enjoy her books, but this one was a bit to sweet for me. Maybe I’ll reread some of her old Skool ebooks I just bought for super cheap.

  18. 18
    Unimaginative says:

    Just FINALLY read Captain Vorpatril’s Alliance, and am set to re-read (for the zillionth time) the whole Vorkosigan saga.

  19. 19
    CarrieS says:

    @dreadpirate:  Miracle is the BEST!

  20. 20
    Solawhitehead says:

    I’m reading A Discovery of Witches, by Deborah Harkness, and can hardly put it down. Since I’m at the beach on vacation with six year old twins, this is harder than it sounds.

  21. 21
    kkw says:

    I just finished Joan Didion’s Year of Magical Thinking, and everyone who recommended it to me is not getting xmas cookies.  Except maybe these spicy chocolate chews, that came out equally crappy if not so smug.  But what could be? Ugh.
    Also read some Shannon Stacy Shannon…whatever her name is, cute holiday novella, but novellas are not my favorite thing.  I think Donna Kauffman (Kaufmann? one of the consonants is doubled, but which?) is next.

  22. 22
    Scrin says:

    I started reading American Gods.

    Now there’s some travelling reading for you…

  23. 23
    Lostshadows says:

    Either Night Play by Sherrilyn Kenyon or The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. (I need to track down a coin first.)

  24. 24
    Amy Raby (Alpha Lyra) says:

    Just finished The Duchess War by Courtney Milan and a cute novella called One Hit Wonder by Elyssa Patrick. Now reading a mystery set in the ancient Roman empire called Persona Non Grata, by Ruth Downie. I probably wouldn’t have picked this up except that it was on sale for 99 cents as the Kindle Daily Deal and I figured I’d give it a try. I’m really enjoying it, and I may read the rest of the series.

  25. 25
    MissB2U says:

    Just started “The Gift” by Julie Garwood but I’m not sure I can finish it; the heroine is a little to contrived and “blinky” for me.  I’ve been reading only historicals for quite awhile and it may be time to change gears.  A friend arrives today and will loan me the latest Dresden Files installment which may just do the trick.  Any recommendations on really good Regencies???

  26. 26
    Pwminmi says:

    Just finished Wallbanger by Alice Clayton. Now on to Code Name Verity

  27. 27
    StarOpal says:

    Well I was a quarter of the way into Grave Peril, by Jim Butcher, when I went to go see The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey.

    So I kinda got distracted and have been rereading the The Hobbit and watching the LotR movies, and North & South and other things with Richard Armitage in them.

    When I’m done the Hobbit I’ll finish the Dresden Files book and then (probably, I never stick to planned reading) either reread The Fellowship of the Ring or Persuasion. Or maybe The Tempest: A Guy of Gisbourne Story by Charlotte Hawkins. Or whatever else catches my fancy.

  28. 28
    Mims says:

    I’m reading Ready Player One by Ernest Cline.  I’m really enjoying it much more than I thought I would.  People keep recommending 2312 as one of the best books of 2012, so I might read that after.

  29. 29
    LG says:

    I’m currently reading Lois McMaster Bujold’s The Vor Game (just like The Warrior’s Apprentice, it’s good but, wow, kind of exhausting) and Ben Aaronovitch’s Midnight Riot. After those two, I’ll probably tackle Anne Somerville’s Kei’s Gift and George R.R. Martin’s Game of Thrones. I’ve got a nice, long break from work, and two nice, long books seem like a good idea.

  30. 30
    Sally L. says:

    I just started Spider Bites and am enjoying it so far.  Glad I stopped by this thread to find out that Edgar Wallace is coming into the public domain.  I grew up on Edgar Wallace (English mother) and the paper books have gotten very hard to get in Canada.

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