Thanking the December Advertisers

Time to thank the lovely people who have advertised here this month, and helped make the hot pink palace of Bitchery the spiffy place that it is. And it's also time to thank you (yes, you! You look marvelous -did you do something different with your hair?) for clicking on the ads. You're helping advertisers who want to reach romance readers directly, and hopefully you're also finding good books to read! Thanks, y'all!

Victoria Danann - Paranormal Romance


Amber Lin's Giving it Up: RT gave it 4.5 stars: Kept by Shawntelle Madison

Sherry Thomas: Tempting the Bride. Amnesiac heroine! Third in a trilogy Mandy Roth/Michelle Pillow paranormal erotic romance

Greek family drama mystery with comedy - The Greeks of Beaubien Street by Suzanne Jenkins


Woman in a Sheikh's World - Sarah Morgan A Private Duel with Agent Gunn by Jillian Stone, part of her Men of Scotland Yard historical mystery series

Highland Magic - KE SaxonSamhain 25% Rebate at

Corrine Jackson - TouchedLove in the Afternoon - Alison Packard

 Lorelei James - Rough Riders







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