Making Presents Out of Ebooks

There are a LOT of options for gifting an ebook. Amazon has gifting options that couldn't be more easy. All Romance allows you to gift a book from your library by clicking on the little present icon once you've purchased the book. Barnes and Noble also allows gifting – as do other digital retailers like KoboBooks. (I couldn't find a book gifting option in the iBookstore, alas).

So it's actually really easy to click and send an ebook as a gift. But what if you want to present the ebook as a present for someone to unwrap on one of those upcoming gifty-typoe holidays?

That might take some creativity.

Some retailers, like Amazon, for example, allow you to have the gift certificate sent to your own email address, so you can print out and then give the redemption code for the book you've purchased. But you're giving someone a piece of paper – and sometimes, that doesn't quite feel like awesomeness, even if the book you're gifting is something the recipient wanted and was hella expensive.

There are a few options if you're looking to give an ebook to someone as a gift.

First: Livrada is a company that sells redeemable gift cards good for a specific book. Their selection is very limited, focuses mostly on bestsellers, and their cards are available online or at Fry's Electronics. They should be on shelves in Target soon, if they're not there already. But their selection has no romance. Woe! I love the idea of a gift card for a specific book, and I hope there are romance options soon.

So what can we do to make a gifted ebook into a present?


Books and Cards!

Multicolored craft paper Are you the person who buys all the awesome sumptuous paper in the crafts store and knows what to do with it?

You can make a greeting card using card stock, a printout of the cover, and paste the redemption code from the online bookstore inside. There's a lot of room for creativity among you people who buy all the glitter, stickers, and sexy fun-to-touch paper in the craft stores. (I love the sexy fun-to-touch paper).


A guy in a red polo shirt standing next to a 5 foot tall bag of packing peanuts.

Books as pranks!

Aside from paper crafts, there are silly options like hiding the book gift card in a huge box filled with paper or packing materials, if you wanted to annoy the ever living hell out of someone.

(I like this idea a LOT, given how much Hubby HATES packing materials.) (Mwaaaahahahaahah.)

You can also stash the book certificate and make the person hunt for it. Nesting dolls? Inside a stuffed animal? Disguised as a parking ticket on someone's windshield? FUN AND GAMES!

Just don't put it in the washing machine or the fireplace, obviously.


Books and food!

Most of us read while noshing on something. One option might be to package the ebook certificate with some cookies (homemade or store bought) or chocolates.Wonder Woman knee socks with capes at the top - so cute!

Another option is to find teacups or mugs at a thrift store or home good store, and wrap the book certificate up with a cup, and a bag or two of tea or hot chocolate.


Books and comfort.

Extremely fuzzy socks? Awesome. Soft throws on sale? Woo! Anything comforting and inexpensive can be paired with a book, right? Hand cream samples and lip balm could also work.

And while I was looking for fuzzy socks (few of which have good reviews, oddly enough) I found these socks, which aren't super inexpensive but are SO ADORABLE. DUDE. They have CAPES.

It's a wonderful thing to give someone a book, or a few books they've been hoping to read and I understand the feeling that handing someone a piece of paper is somewhat anticlimactic. I feel the same way sometimes. If you have ideas or suggestions as to how to present a digital book certificate as a present, please share!


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  1. 1
    Anony Miss says:

    No link for the socks????

  2. 2
    SB Sarah says:

    WHOOPS. Why didn’t the link work? Fixing now!

  3. 3
    Miriamdruyan says:

    Phew, thanks! I can only think of three bajillion women who need those. Also, ThinkGeek has Big Bang Theory Bazinga caped socks. Yanno, if you need the wardrobe filled out a bit.

  4. 4
    Keziah Hill says:

    These are great ideas. Off to buy something for my sister.

  5. 5
    cayenne says:

    I like to mix book card gifting with just a teeny bit of evil in the delivery method.  At our annual holiday party, I give my friends’ kids Indigo gift cards (which can also be used on kobo) that are buried in a gift bag full of candy.  Considering how fast the sugar vanishes, the kids seem to love the bag of candy more than the gift card, and the parents snarl at me when they have to peel the kids off the ceiling and stuff them in their cars to go home. Good times.

  6. 6
    Aili Meister says:

    Just wanted to mention that a local store near you would probably be happy to give you recycled packing materials from all those holiday shipments.

  7. 7
    Virginia E says:

    All Romance also offers the option to gift someone your omnibucks rebates. When you first receive them, you have to assign them to an email, either yours or someone else.

    One caveat to the gift in the big bag of packing puffs. I know too many people that wouldn’t thank me for the mess, no matter how much they enjoyed the gift. Some of them wouldn’t open the bag.

    Some stores sell pretty holiday themed tins that are designed to hold gift cards.

  8. 8

    Those socks are PRICELESS.  I’ve bought two pairs :D

  9. 9
    chantalhab says:

    I just gave my friend those socks this weekend! They are awesome.

  10. 10
    Jeremy Webb says:

    You are still stuck if you want to gift Kindle books in the UK, as there is no electronic method to do this. However, this is an invitation to get creative, and this link will help you create customised Amazon gift cards on…

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