Hanukkah Extravaganzah, Part the Second!

A computer generated image of a menorah with a book in front of it. On the second night of Hanukkah, Smart Bitches gave to me: a WiFi Paperwhite so when I read in the dark I can see!

A Kindle Paperwhite - WiFi only, sadly not blind-accessible. I'm giving away one supah-sexay Wi-Fi Kindle Paperwhite with Special Offers at random to someone in the comments.

Just tell us what book you enjoyed most this past year!

Standard disclaimers apply:  I'm not being compensated for this giveaway. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 years of age and open to the possibility of Pajama Jeans to win. Open to international residents.

You have 24 hours to leave your comment, and we'll have a new piece of mayhem each day of Hanukkah. Now, I'm going to figure out how to make a menorah out of nine Paperwhites. Someone pass me the tape.

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  1. 1
    Miss Grumpy says:

    This is a tough one! I think the book I enjoyed the most would have to be ‘the chocolate thief’ by Laura Florand. Chocolate + romance = win

  2. 2

    The book I enjoyed the most was JR Ward’s ‘Rapture’.  Or maybe the re-read of Katie MacAlister’s ‘Hard Day’s Knight’. 

  3. 3
    Meg_E says:

    I enjoyed Her Best Friend by Sarah Mayberry the most.

  4. 4
    Erin says:

    Probably Jill Shalvis’s Lucky Harbor series, which I JUST discovered this year for some insane reason!! Also really liked Gone Girl… Gillian Flynn’s mind is a scary place!

  5. 5
    chantalhab says:

    Courtney Milan’s Unraveled. I’ve re-read the entire trilogy at least 3 times. Or possibly Jenny Lawson (the Blogess) Let’s Pretend this Never Happened. So funny!

  6. 6
    Juliana says:

    I loved Chase in Shadow a M/M book by Amy Lane!

  7. 7
    Trish says:

    I have several, but I am going to go with the most recent one Beyond Shame, Rit Rocha. That book was full of awesome!

  8. 8
    Tammi says:

    Hmmmm….tough question.  I would say The Black Dagger Brotherhood series.

  9. 9
    Hollyg238 says:

    I enjoyed Shelly Laurenston’s “Bear Meets Girl” – so much I bought her entire backlist and her other alias – G.A. Aiken Dragon Series.  They were laugh out loud funny and sexy.

  10. 10
    LauraN says:

    This was the year that I finally got around to reading Georgette Heyer.  Weird, right?  How could I have overlooked her for so long?  The lady certainly has her reputation for a reason.  I’d say my favorite reading experience of the year was reading one Heyer novel after another, after another, after another.  If I had to narrow it down to one book, I’d say The Unknown Ajax, closely followed by The Talisman Ring.

  11. 11
    Lisa J says:

    This one is too hard!!!  My brain is about to explode.

    Okay, I really like Coreene Callahan’s Dragonfury series.  But, I just read Donna Fletcher’s Warriorn King series and I loved it.  Then, there was her Silent series (loved that the heroine is mute and yet still able to communicate).  Plus, I found a ton of new authors this year.  ACK!! 

  12. 12
    pwm in mi says:

    Oh boy, you’re making me choose?!  On Dublin Street by Samantha Young, just by a hair over Easy by Tammara Webber.
    I hope you are enjoying the festival of lights.  Remember all latkes and doughnuts are guilt free(carb free, fat free) for 8 nights! It’s the miracle of Hannukah!!!

  13. 13
    Lyra Archer says:

    Hrm, I think I’d have to go with Caitlin Moran’s “How To Be A Woman” the best. I think I might have hurt something I laughed so hard reading that book.

  14. 14
    Holly Gault says:

    Fiction: Jill Mansell’s To the Moon and Back.
    Non-Fiction: Sheepish by Catherine Friend

  15. 15
    Emily says:

    I discovered JR Ward’s Black Dagger Brotherhood this year, but it’s hard to pick a favorite. In non-romance, SJ Bolton’s Dead Scared.

  16. 16
    Elizabeth says:

    I ended up really enjoying “Lord Perfect” by Loretta Chase!

  17. 17
    Terry says:

    Over a whole year? Usually, my favorite book is whatever I’m reading right now, so that would be The Masked Heart by Karla Darcy. I’m not into Regencies, but she grabbed me with her first sentence.

  18. 18

    This is way too hard, because I’ve loved most everything I’ve read this year! To narrow it down to three: Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness (everything I’d hoped it would be), Overseas by Beatriz Williams (it made me have ALL the feelings, and she’s a ridiculously incredible writer), and Outlander by Diana Gabaldon (I know, I’m kicking myself for waiting so long).

  19. 19

    My favorite book of the year has probably been “The Angel” by Tiffany Reisz. I love “The Siren” too, but Angel was too delicious for words.

  20. 20
    Nita says:

    I really really enjoyed all three books in the Fitzhugh Trilogy by Sherry Thomas.

  21. 21

    Since you’re going to do the drawing randomly anyway, I’m going to randomly pick one among the many that I liked “best” :D :closeseyesandrunsfingeralongreadlist: “Overseas” by Beatriz Williams.

  22. 22
    Stephanie Collins says:

    I’d have to say the books that opened my eyes up quite a bit and have hung on…  The Original Sinners – The Siren, The Angel and The Prince – by Tiffany Reisz….  the mind games and boundaries that are pushed and thrown out of the way were very compelling and left me wanting more.  There were quite a few others this year that spoke to me but that series just…  WOW.

  23. 23
    Val Pelissero says:

    That’s a tough one, I read a lot of great reads this year but I think my favorite was God Save the Queen by Kate Locke.  I’ve already re-read it a couple of times.

  24. 24
    Robin says:

    The Language of Flowers.  Fantastic.

  25. 25
    Dahlia Adler says:

    For me it was THE SKY IS EVERYWHERE by Jandy Nelson – I loved it so much I read it twice in two days. (I’m a little behind though, since it was definitely not a new release – my favorite of those was THE FAULT IN OUR STARS by John Green, but then again, I’m still in the middle of GONE GIRL by Gillian Flynn, so we’ll see if that answer ends up changing!)

  26. 26
    Sapphire Edwards says:

    I really enjoyed the new LOD book, Rogue Rider by Larissa Ione. I can hardly wait for Reaver’s book :)

  27. 27

    My favorite was The Fault in Our Stars by John Green and I’d dare anyone not to fall in love with this story about the relationship of cancer survivors Hazel Grace and Gus!

  28. 28
    ms bookjunkie says:

    That’s a cruel question to ask! I’ll answer Barbara Hambly’s STRANGER AT THE WEDDING, as it was by a new-to-me author. All my other best-reads-of-2012 were by authors I’d read before.

  29. 29
    SCW5 says:

    This is the year I discovered Sarah Mayberry (better late than never, right?) so I’m going to go with her as my author I most enjoyed in 2012 – More Than One Night was my fav!

  30. 30
    jen mcandrews says:

    Ohmygosh. I enjoyed so many books this year. But the one that really stuck with me, the one I wish I could experience again for the first time, was Code Name Verity.  That’s the one that always springs to mind when someone asks about favorites. So good.

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