Gift Guide, Part IV

Gold gift ribbonMore gift ideas? OF COURSE. There's still shopping to be done, right? 

I love how many wonderful things you've been sending me. Thank you!

Laura recommends:'s Etsy Store

Purse made from Jane Austen Novels Handmade purses made out of beloved books?

Oh, my. Laura says, and I agree, that the items aren't cheap, but they surely are beautiful. 

There's Modern Biology, and a really stunning Alice in Wonderland purse, too. 

Oh, lovely. 


Alison A. recommends: the Word Cloud Classics Editions

Jane Eyre with word cloud Word Cloud Sense and Sensibility

Alison found these in the Bas Bleu catalog, but they seem to be available from other retailers as well.

Each one has a collection of words or quotes from the book on the cover, and each edition is almost transfixing for me. I just lost about 10 minutes looking at the Dracula one.

(The Pride and Prejudice cover looks so bright it's hard to stare at, though.)

There are many things in the Bas Bleu catalog - if you don't receive it in the mail, you might want to sign up. I am the last person to recommend more paper in someone's mailbox, but their catalog is a treat. Each book is featured with a mini-review, and their accessories for readers are pretty awesome, too. 




Pam G. recommends The Unshelved Store, and Harbor Sweets

Pam says, “Unshelved is a webcomic set in the Mallville Public Library, and focused on the trials and tribulations of staff and patrons. Their store carries books, tee shirts and similar products for library lovers and bibliophiles alike.”

Pam's favorites from the store include the VIVA EL LIBRO! shirt, and the Cat Nap shirt. 

Pam also recommends Harbor Sweets. BE YE WARNED, says I. 

Decades ago I saw a recommendation for these candies in a foodie magazine, tasted them and loved them.  They used to have a shop in the vicinity of Quincy Market in Boston, which was gone last time I was up there. (Also decades ago.)

Anyway, in a fit of nostalgia I looked them up online and placed an order for some Christmas gifts this year.  Naturally, I couldn't give gifts without a little quality assurance test, so I also picked up a few bags of Sweet Shells (dark chocolate with orange crunch), Marblehead Mints (dark chocolate with mint crunch), and–my fav & their signature candy–Sweet Sloops (toffee triangles dipped in white chocolate and milk chocolate, edged in chopped nuts).  Happily, memory didn't lie.  Yum.

I think I need one of each. As in, one 10-lb. bag of each. 


Sycorax recommends: Sur La Lune fairy tale illustrations

Sycorax says, “One of my favourite places to find presents for like-minded people is the Sur La Lune shop. It has products with old illustrations from fairy tales on them. You can look at these by fairy tale (which to my delight includes some of the less well-known ones), by illustrator (they have about twenty) or by product. I was already in love with Arthur Rackham's work, but this place made me discover the gorgeousness of Kay Nielson, Ivan Bilibin and several others.”

Once you see a design you like, you can have it placed on just about anything, from tshirts to waterbottles. They also have journals with illustrated covers, as well.


And Sarah Recommends a Few Useful Things

ANKER battery backupRight now, the Anker battery backup unit is 40% off at Amazon, selling for $60.00

I've been looking at this for a little while. It can charge multiple devices, and I'm thinking that any and all car trips would make good use of it. 

I'm not sure why this is, but it seems that devices lose battery power faster when there's fewer outlets around to charge them. 




A USB drive that looks like a miniature bookA USB thumb drive that looks like a book? Sure, why not? 

It's a bit pricey at $25, considering that memory sticks can be had for so much less, but the cute factor on this one is rather high. 




Ex Libris book stamp

This self-inking bookplate stamp that reads “Ex Libris” makes a lovely gift at about $14.

I suppose it could be a stocking stuffer, too, depending on how big your stockings are (wink wink, say no more). 

I hope your shopping is going well, and that the gift guides aren't too much of a torment. Or, well, that they aren't as tormenting and tempting as they are for me! 


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    Carrie G says:

    I want the Modern Biology purse!! ::::sigh:::: Too pricey for me, but totally worth it if I had the extra money. ;-)

  2. 2
    Carrie G says:

    Just had to add that I found about 10 purses on that site that I’d buy in a heartbeat. They are beautiful! My mother-in-law would so enjoy the Shakespeare one.

  3. 3
    SB Sarah says:

    Aren’t they amazing? I was mentally assigning recipients to many of them, too.

  4. 4
    Katie Topping says:

    The book purses are truly stunning and, when I’ve been lusting after an Olympia Le Tan clutch at over $1,200, very reasonable too!  (The really expensive one is here:…  )

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