Caption That Cover: Little Bird Winner!

His forearm is melting, and he's clutching a small bird.

What hilariousness – you are all very funny people, and this contest was made even more interesting by author Virginia Henley stopping by to tell us about the artist, and agreeing with us about Fabio's nipples.

And now, the honorable mentions: 

StarOpal: While she knew he called it “Little Hawk,” she couldn't help but think that he'd maybe gone too far with the piercing.

Tam: “This is Paul. Want to see Peter?”

Jennifer: “Pecker? I merely tweeted her.”

VandyJ: “He didn't know how to tell her it was the bird, not the pussy cat, that got him hot and bothered.”

Mariec: “As she gazed into his vacant eyes, she realized he didn't quite grasp the concept of tweeting…”

Megsan “There were rumours that he was in possession of the highly prized “hairy bird”. What this was exactly nobody could say but speculation – the kind that makes proper young ladies wide-eyed and in need of their smelling salts – was rampant. Little did they know that it truly was just a little hairy bird.”

Bettyfokker: “Saddened that he could not find the little man in the canoe that she had told him about, he got her a small phoenix pendant instead.”

Joannef: “If you wanna pet my little chick, you can watch it grow into a huge cock.”

Melissandre: “Katniss had no idea why the Capital insisted on a historically-themed Hunger Game, or why Cinna had insisted she wear mauve. Still, with her trusty mockingjay pin for luck, she was confident she could once again win the audience's support by pretending to love Peeta. The poor sap wouldn't know what hit him…”

KarenF: “Cock-a-doodle -you! SW Falconer looking to lark around with SW Bushtit. My Homing Pigeons have been trained to fly where no bird has flown before, the Hummer-ing Birds are inexhaustible, and my Woodpecker is nearly a foot long! Answer this ad – you'll have no Egrets!”

beccah W: “Feed the birds, Tuppence a bag.”

First runner up goes to:

Fullybooked42: “Best wingman ever!”

And though many posted similar, Lindz was first with the obvious and yet hilarious caption:

Lindz: A bird in the hand is worth two in the bush?

Well done! Please email me to claim your book store gift card at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksdotcom.

And thank you to everyone for entering! That was a particularly funny caption that cover thread. Birds must be inherently hilarious, much like clowns. Or is that creepscary? Either way, well played, y'all.



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    klhoughton says:

    Sad that beccah W’s homage to the decline and fall of the British Banking System (or at least the branch run by Dick Van Dyke) didn’t win.

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