Whatcha Reading?

What's on your reading schedule this weekend? Are you reading some of the holiday romances that are everywhere of late?

I'm skipping Friday this week. I leave Jersey on Thursday afternoon, and arrive in Sydney on Saturday morning, skipping Friday altogether. Seriously, this is messing with my head. What was I supposed to do today? What if TODAY was the day Publishers Clearing House showed up on the porch with a big ass check and I skipped Friday altogether? It's messing with my brain, I tell you. 

So to solve this brain twist, I'm reading historical romance. “Forget the present, try Regency instead!” is my strategy. This coming week I'll be running amok in Sydney, and am going to be having tea with bloggers and readers among other things. I'm so looking forward to it – and even a 14 hour plane ride comes with built in assloads of reading time. 

So, what are you reading? What do you read when your brain feels twisted? And dude, what would I have done on Friday?!


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