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McCormick Burrito Seasoning At last week's book club chat for What I Did for a Duke, one of the participants who went by the excellent name of 'CutMyTeethonKleypas' said that she was looking forward to Julie Anne Long's next book, A Notorious Countess Confesses  ( A | BN | K | S | ARe | iB ). That book releases on 30 October (today!) and 'CutMyTeethonKleypas' said during the chat: 

To which I said, “That is brilliant and why didn't I EVER think of that?” Seriously, all those times I took my lunch break and read and forgot to eat, then picked up the book on the bus home and nearly missed my stop? I could have called in sick with burritos! 

So here's my question for you: have you ever called in sick to work or school to stay home and read a book? What was your excuse? And which book was it? 


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    Amanda Carlson says:

    Being a college student and working as an independent contractor I never have to call in sick and give my excuses. However, my consequences are … direct. Discovering a new author or series can become dangerously obsessive quickly if I don’t limit myself to bus reading. My C in Differential Equations belongs to the Hathaways. Damn you, Kleypas!

  2. 2
    Anony Miss says:

    The only books I actually took a sick day for were the last three Harry Potters. But there have been several times I did some unofficial work at home at night, to assuage my conscience for the… four hour lunch break at work.. (oopsies).

  3. 3
    Mrandaflynn says:

    I haven’t, but my aunt always applied for and took a vacation day when the new Douglas Preston/Lincoln Child book came out.

    The worst I did was read Donna Tartt’s The Little Friend while walking around on vacation.


  4. 4
    Bibliophile says:

    I have – once and only once – called in sick because of a book. I needed some serious sleep after a reading session that ended around 6 a.m. The book was Harry potter and the Deathly Hallows.

  5. 5
    Natalie says:

    Haven’t called in sick for a specific book, but my kids were little when the last two Harry Potters came out, and I did the stay-at-home mom version of calling in sick: let them trash the house and watch as much tv as they wanted while I read—if only they didn’t bother me.

  6. 6
    SB Sarah says:

    Of course, much of the northeast coastline might be unable to get to work or school today, so that means extra reading time for everyone – stay safe, though.

  7. 7
    Beccah W. says:

    Oh man, I don’t think I’ve ever called in sick specifically to read a book…but there have been plenty of times when I’ve called in sick to school or work and then spent the whole day reading (after thinking long and hard about how to enjoy my day of freedom). And yes, the call of the highland romance was most likely the culprit.

  8. 8
    jenniferk66 says:

    With the Kindle Cloud Reader, you can read at your desk and nobody will know!


  9. 9
    Lisa says:

    My boss is not a resident of the state our company is located, so he is out of the office/state 50% of the time.  I buy PDFs and read at my desk all the time.  It makes me look busy and that’s what matters around here.

  10. 10
    Tabs says:

    I once skipped class in grad school to finish a Hardy Dresden book.  One of my classmates popped into my office on the way to class and I looked up briefly to say “Can’t.  Harry Dresden’s riding the reanimated corpse of a [something far too awesome to spoil] around downtown Chicago.  Can’t stop now.”

    She understood completely.

  11. 11
    Loni says:

    I never called in sick I just used to read in class all the time. Once I read through my entire Renaissance Italy class, the teacher kept telling me to put the book down, so I would, for five seconds then kept reading, he eventually gave up, or I stopped hearing him because the book was much more interesting than his class.
    Though I have also been guilty of using my cane in the middle of Melbourne so I didn’t have to look up whilst reading a book. Probably looked really sus, especially when I looked up at the road to check for cars. But come on it was the newest Nalini Singh

  12. 12
    Carrie Gwaltney says:

    Natalie~ ditto on your post. as a home schooling SAHM, my children would sometimes get a day off their schoolwork and extra computer time if they’d leave me alone to finish a book. My husband always knows when book-reading has overtaken my life—there are sandwiches for dinner and he has to fix them himself. ;-) Thankfully, he’s an avid reader as well, so he has some sympathy, and a lot of patience!

    I realize I put the above in past tense, as though my binge reading only happened in the past when my kids were young. Unfortunately, not so. Even though I don’t have much active role in my youngest child’s schoolwork now (she’s high school), the dust bunnies and lack of dinner still attest to my addiction. Like I said, my husband has LOTS of patience.

  13. 13
    Sara L. says:

    My go-to excuse is I’m in bed with a migraine and can’t see straight. Granted the migraine was caused by staying up all night reading and will go away with a couple of Excedrin, but my boss doesn’t need to know that.

  14. 14

    I used to write fake notes from my mother (when I was in grade school) saying I was sick and had to stay in from recess so I could read. The book didn’t matter. I read anything and everything I could get my hands on!

  15. 15
    MissB2U says:

    Working in critical care I couldn’t call in sick to read a book ‘cause it just wasn’t fair to my co-workers.  I used to stay up reading ‘til four in the morning when I worked swing shift though!

  16. 16

    I’ve never called in sick to read a book, but I have claimed to be sick at work to explain my exhaustion and lack of productivity after pulling an all-nighter with a favorite author. Sometimes I’ll forgo makeup if I want to really sell my story. :-)

  17. 17
    Rosa E. says:

    I’ve never called in sick because of a book. However, I’ve definitely adjusted my hours (another independent contractor here) due to exhaustion from an all-night reading session. :D I think the last time I did that was with Molly Harper’s The Care and Feeding of Stray Vampires, because I’m a sucker (heh) for a good fluffy supernatural romance.

  18. 18
    mara_b says:

    I read Gone With the Wind for the first time in college a few years ago. My roommate thought I was a complete weirdo when I stayed up all night reading. She came in at like 4 am from where ever, and I was on my bed, sobbing and flipping pages. ha.

    I can’t remember ever calling in sick, but when I was pregnant, all my co-workers assured me I’d never have time to read after the baby came. On the contrary, all I did was read on my maternity leave. Nurse the baby and read, rock the baby and read, etc

  19. 19
    Lyra Archer says:

    Don’t think I’ve ever played hookey cuz of a book. Though I have called in sick a couple of times after I went to mid-night movie premiers. Just because I want to be the first to see something doesn’t mean I shouldn’t get my eight hours as well.

  20. 20
    AbbyT says:

    Called out from work and from grad school classes that day the final Harry Potter book came out. :)  I was cat sitting at the time, so kitty and I settled in on the couch and read together.  (Even nerdier: I was in library school at the time. :-D)

  21. 21
    azteclady says:

    Hourly employee, can’t afford to call in sick—but I’ve worked ten hours shifts after a full night of reading, plenty of times.

  22. 22
    Tam says:

    Skipped classes so I could sleep after picking up the latest Harry Potter at midnight and then reading all night.  Oh, those were the days – nowadays, there’s no book which would get in the way of SLEEP.

    Tabs, I know exactly which Dresden moment you’re talking about, and it made me wonder why nobody had ever televised something like that.

  23. 23
    Kati B says:

    I’ve called in sick to read before. Nalini Singh is the culprit of my “sick” days. I always call in with “intestinal issues”. No one in their right mind says, “tell me more” when you claim intestinal issues.

  24. 24
    Vicki says:

    Weirdly, the book was The Godfather. My brother handed it to me at church one Saturday morning (I grew up Seventh Day Adventist) and I couldn’t put it down. I called my date and told him I was too sick to go out and then read straight through until some early hour in the morning.

    With the last Harry Potter, I told my family I had to go to the hospital. I stopped at Barnes and Noble and got the book at 4 am, then spent the day hiding on the ward so my family wouldn’t expect me to stop reading. The nurses just laughed at me, interrupted me as needed and otherwise left me alone.

  25. 25
    ksattler says:

    Not that I can remember.  I need to find a book that keeps me up.  Lately, I can put down all the ones I pick up.

  26. 26

    (OH snap!  I’m re-blogging this!)  :)

    It’s true – No one will question the #2 excuse.  Completely honest though, I’ve never done this.  I already get pretty bad stomach ailments, and I would never want to jinx it by taking a sick day (and then TRULY getting sick another day and suffering for it).  Countless times I’ve almost missed my stop on the way to work/home though.

  27. 27
    RosieH says:

    I remember with great clarity being caught at age 13 by a dragon of a teacher, reading my first ever Georgette Heyer, “These Old Shades” under the desk in geography class.

  28. 28
    Amanda Carlson says:

    That’s very familiar, I hated how public schools always herded the students to the same places. I found I could walk the halls of high school with impunity if I just carried a folded piece of paper around. I used to spend lunches in the back of the library instead of the noisy cafeteria.

  29. 29
    Kylie says:

    Have never called in sick because of a book, however once turned down a date so I could read Harry potter 7.  In Australia it was available from 9 am, so I planned a Saturday of reading.  Guy asked me to go for a drive the night before, and was not impressed with my reason for no.

    Needless to say, that relationship never got off the ground. My husband will pick up the latest Kylie chan without being asked, and understands when I sit on the sofa reading for hours straight…

  30. 30
    Beggar1015 says:

    Hmm, I’m seeing a trend here. Perhaps the real reason behind the economic problems of today is because Harry Potter greatly damaged the work ethos in 2007 and the world has yet to recover.

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