Friday Videos Totally Might Make you Cry

Tina C sent this video to me, and it's bittersweet and beautiful and made me cry smile. 


This video was created in support of Ref. 74 on the Washington State ballot in November, which would legalize gay marriage. If you like the song, you can find it on iTunes.

I hope you spend your weekend surrounded by those who love you exactly the way you are. 


Friday Videos

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  1. 1
    Shal says:

    the end was beautiful :) made me cry laugh 2

  2. 2
    Connie333 says:

    Theres about ten puppies and a baby panda’s worth of “awwww” in that one video.

  3. 3
    Claire says:

    Absolutely beautiful. I hope the bill is passed.

  4. 4

    OMG, totally made me tear up!

  5. 5
    erin f says:

    OMG… it’s waaay too early to cry but that was bittersweet and wonderful. That was *beautiful*…. if only!

  6. 6
    Jen says:

    Go Washington! It’s horrible that California, my state, and supposedly the most liberal one in the nation has the awful “Defense of marriage” Act on its books. I hope Washington voters are better than us.

  7. 7
    Elaine says:

    Thanks for the beautiful start to my day. I hope to one day walk my son down the aisle as well. We are fortunate here in Ontario that same sex marriages are legal. Fingers crossed for Washington to see that love is love. Simple as that.

  8. 8
    Tamara Hogan says:

    I traveled to Washington State last weekend and was heartened to see such visible support for Ref. 74 on TV, on the streets, on bumper stickers, and on people’s T-shirts. Then I returned home to Minnesota, where, in November, we will vote on a proposed constitutional amendment which, if passed, would define marriage as between one man and one woman…this, despite the fact that same sex marriage isn’t currently legal in the state to begin with. **WTF**

    I needed the smile this morning. Thank you.

  9. 9
    SB Sarah says:

    It’s horribly disappointing to see such support of what is essentially the 2012 version of laws outlawing marriages between people of difference races, isn’t it? Makes me so incredibly sad. As I’ve said before, one day my kids are going to wonder what the fuck we were thinking with all these anti-gay marriage amendments and referendums, the way I look at lunch counters and wonder why a black person couldn’t eat there.

  10. 10
    Amy Raby (Alpha Lyra) says:

    Love it! I live in Washington state, and I vote.

  11. 11

    Yes, I cried. Proud to live in the second country in the world to have legalised gay marriage and the first to have an openly gay prime minster. Yay Belgium.

  12. 12

    oops, sorry, that should read first in the EU – the first was Iceland in 2009.

  13. 13
    guest says:

    I too am from Minnesota (though currently in Vancouver)—and I agree with the WTF sentiment. However, I was happy to see so many “vote no” signs on my last visit home. Also, if you need a little pick-me-up, I recently read an article about a Catholic priest from St. Paul publicly opposing the amendment, despite the official church stance.

    Minnesotans vote no!

  14. 14
    laurelwreath says:

    I loved it and I live in AZ that has at it’s unofficial motto.  “Be yourself as long as you are only like us.”  But it will change and love will overcome.

  15. 15

    There is too little love in this world to quibble about who loves who. Love is ALWAYS better than hate. And yes, I got teary too, but I always cry at weddings. ;-)

  16. 16
    Kdugarm says:

    That would be my parish priest you read about.  Yeah Fr. Mike Tegeder!

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