Sizzling Book Club Chat: Double Down by Katie Porter

Double Down - Katie Porter. Dude with a plane behind him standing over strip in Vegas. I think he might be wearing a member's only jacket, though. Sizzling Book Club Logo Tonight at 9pm, it's Book Club Chat time! 

Seriously, I love Book Club Chat night – it is so fun and gregarious and a lovely way to spend the evening, especially if you're drinking along with me. I'm pretty sure tonight's beverage will be a glass of wine as big as my head but I may get wild and make a martini. 

Either way, please grab your favorite internet-enabled device and the libation of your choice and join us at 9pm ET to discuss Double Down by Katie Porter, this month's selection. The window below will go live with our discussion at 9pm.  The authors, by which I mean that Katie Porter is actually two people, Carrie Lofty and Lorelie Brown, will join us at 10pm ET for Q&A and probably rowdiness.  

See you tonight! 


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