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HaBO: His Brother Gave Her… Something.

Help a Bitch Out! This HaBO request comes from Heather, and seriously, I couldn't make this plot up if I tried, even if I tried after two bottles of wine and some bivalves. 

Heather writes: 

I am trying desperately to find this novel I nicked from my grandmother when I was about sixteen (so published 2000 or earlier) and Google just won't cough it up, no matter how many details I remember!

It was a contemporary romance, either Harlequin or Silhouette. The heroine was a pregnant woman whose name was Dulcibella de la Torra (I'm not 100% positive on the spelling of the last name), and she was the daughter of a rich man who I think might've disowned her. Her true love was the hero, a doctor named Christopher/Cristobal (both names were used for him interchangeably), but her husband and the father of her baby was his lousy screw-up brother who had just disappeared. After the brother's disappearance, Dulcibella leaves their native country (I *think* it was Peru) and comes to Chris in the U.S for help, because his family has a curse on it where either the mother dies in childbirth or the baby is stillborn. (If I recall correctly, Chris and his brother were twins whose mother had died in childbirth.) Chris is reluctant at first, because he doesn't really believe in the curse, but Dulcibella is counting on him to go back to Peru and break it.

At some point in the book, he gives her a horse as a gift- the horse's name is Sombra de la Luna- and her prenatal exams show that his brother gave her gonorrhea. In the end, Chris breaks the curse and finds out that the reason his brother disappeared is that he died trying to break it himself. I remember it so well, but for the life of me, I can't find it. :-( Help a bitch out, please?

There's a number of interesting things that come up for Googling “Dulcibella” and “Cristobal” but nothing beats Googling, “his brother gave her gonorrhea.” 

And if the word “gonorrhea” appears in a Harlequin, I will eat my own flip flops. 

Anyone recall this book?


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Sarah says:

    Is it Waiting for You by Margot Early? Character’s name is Dulcinea rather than Ducibella, but there is a horse with the name “Sombra de la Luna” ……

  2. 2
    Natalie H 6 says:

    That is definitely the book…..just read the description on Goodreads and it fits Heather’s description perfectly. Now all we need to do is find the passage about the brother giving her gonorrhea and Sarah can make a video for us of her eating her flip flops!

  3. 3
    Sasha says:

    This HABO made my day.  I’m sitting here doing the prep for my colonoscopy this afternoon (we all know what that means!)  I seriously needed a laugh!

  4. 4
    claritygolden says:

    I searched the Google Books version and it does indeed talk about the heroine getting gonorrhea! Sexy stuff. :)

  5. 5
    Lauren says:

    Wait, is the fact that the brother died trying to break the curse supposed to redeem him after he gave his wife a venereal disease?  That is so wrongly awesome, I can’t believe I’m not dreaming this HABO.

  6. 6

    I just saw the book and the guy’s mullet was something to behold :D

  7. 7

    I just saw the book and the guy’s mullet was something to behold :D

  8. 8
    Kel says:

    Maybe the curse was bad hair!

  9. 9
    Julaine says:

    Sometimes you can’t dream this stuff up!  At least we have overcome the heartbreak of the mullet head and have highly effective antibodics now in the 21st century.

  10. 10

    Omg, I read this book when I was a teenager as well! I loved its WTFery plot. It is actually on my keeper shelf. You just can’t turn away that amount of WTF :P Also, yes. Thank God for Antibiotics!

  11. 11
    Em says:

    Wait this was a historical. I was assuming contemporary.

  12. 12
  13. 13
    Throwmearope says:

    Not all Gonorrhea, just certain strains.

  14. 14
    Maria B. says:

    Sounds like a telanovela I watched. Only the twins mother was alive and EVIL.  Only gonorrhea boy was trying to bump off the heroine.  This ones sounds more fun…

  15. 15
    CutMyTeethOnKleypas says:

    WHY!!  Why did I look at that!!  >.>

  16. 16
    ash says:


  17. 17
    Del says:

    i think i know that telenovela! was it La Viuda de Blanco? i was very fond of it, back in the day :)

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