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Yesterday’s News is $1.99 Today

Yesterday's news: A girl walking an empty road with a suitcase and a red balloon in her hand.I'm told that today, August 23, Yesterday's News by Kajsa Ingemarsson is the BN Daily Find for $1.99.

That's quite a spiffy price, so if you were curious based on my 'I'm reading about Sweden, now hush!” review of this book, you can get a copy for a great price today only. I reviewed this book back in May, and gave it a B-, saying:

It's a quiet and meandering (seriously, there are scenes about her train then running to catch another train and then the train is moving and there's very little time spent where you're not riding along on Agnes' shoulder, but I didn't mind) story that is mostly about Agnes learning to choose for herself and not having things chosen by default. She learns to quietly define limits and not take what is handed to her.

One of the things I liked about the Larsson series, with all it's minute detail and minuscule moments was the revelations about Swedish life, what it's like in various parts of the country, and how the people view their own world. I don't profess to be an expert about Sweden just because I read a Larsson book, but I was very happy to discover more of Stockholm and the small town where Agnes grew up.

This is very much a “visiting book,” a contemporary where you go and visit with the characters and nothing horrifically cataclysmic happens to everyone. There's moments of triumph and total disappointment, and yet I liked Agnes enough to keep reading, even at times when I was more interested in her world than in her as a character. 

Close up of a cupcake. No idea why.

I really enjoyed my time reading this book, and for $2, it's a good opportunity to try something a little different. 

I also have note from Stockholm Text, the digital-first publisher who published Yesterday's News: “We care a lot about our readers and have noticed that many readers didn’t like the cover, so as a sign of our respect for our readers we’ve created a new cover. Hope you like this one more.”

That's it right there on the left – much better than the cupcake, shown at right. Well played, Stockholm Text – a much nicer cover than the close up of cupcake. Never thought I'd be happy to say goodbye to a cupcake!

I hope if you try this book, you'll let you know what you think. 





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