Whatcha Reading?

A tree and a field growing out of an open book - one of my favorite stock images. If you went to RWA last week, you likely came home with a big ol' selection of books. I saw many a person making the trek to the FedEx office in the hotel on the last day! And if you didn't go, I'm betting you learned about new books this week that you're really excited about. 

I made the mistake of starting FOUR different books and not finishing one of them yet – I hate when I buffet my reading like that, but when I travel, it happens to me often. I have to finish at least two before I start anything else. I ought to be strict with myself and finish all of them, but sometimes, curiosity gets the better of me, and I buy and start reading something I've been told about, or that grabs my attention. Oh, internet, you are so tempting with the book purchasing options!

So, what are you reading this weekend? What books are you totally into? What did you give up on? Share, share!  


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