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S-HaBO-Day: Uh Oh, She Left it On the Bus

Mou sent in this request for a book she left on the bus some years back: 

I read this medical romance from M&B maybe 10 years ago, and never quite
got over the fact I left it on the bus. It happens on a remote New
Zealand(?) island.

The resident doctor, our heroine, is quite, shy,
compassionate and very very good at her job. The incoming doctor (the hero),
who shall support her, is flying in and she goes to pick him up as there's a
storm. They don't get along well, because he's incredibly private and
withdrawn, and rebuffs all her approaches.

But they work well as a team, and he kisses her and then calls her a slut? Later we come to know that he lost
his baby daughter who drowned in a swimming pool because her mother was too
busy partying? The little girl had a strawberry birthmark on her cheek and
his ex-wife had hated the imperfection – he no longer trusts any woman?


There's also, I think a part where our heroine operates on someone's
strangulated hernia, but reads up on the procedure before the operation? And
in the last scene, our pair go and help the re-floatation of beached whales
and then decide they love each other too much and want to do things like
that forever together? Does this ring a bell? I would love to read this
again, so please, help me!

Do you remember this book? Also: I think that might be the worst curse ever, “I hope you leave your only copy of your favorite book on the bus.” How sad is that! 


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Lupula says:

    It sounds like a book by Marion Lennox. I’m quite sure I read it myself.

  2. 2
    Karin says:

    Sorry I can’t HaBO, but this reminds me of a story. I used to do a summer beach house share with 2 good friends who were nurses, and one favorite pastime was to pick up an old M&B medical romance at a yard sale, read it aloud to each other and crack up. In one particular book, the nurse heroine & Dr. hero are in the jungles of Borneo, or where ever, when they get attacked by guerrillas with sub-machine guns. Since it was being read out loud, my friend thought it was “gorillas’, and said in a puzzled way “gorillas can shoot guns?” I’m not sure if it was in that same book, or another one, where the Dr. performs brain surgery under primitive conditions with the nurse assisting, and he says “I’ve never done this operation before, but I watched it once”.

  3. 3
    Sarah Morgan says:

    My first thought was that it sounds like Marion Lennox too, and if you’re sad that you left it on the bus then it’s even more likely to be her because she writes fantastic books – I’ve sent an email to the medical romance authors in case one of them can give you the title. Hope you find it!

  4. 4
    Lisa Hendrix says:

    Thinking it sounds like Marion Lennox’s 2002 RITA nominee, Doctor On Loan…

    If not, there’s a full Lennox book list there, too, so you can poke around.

  5. 5
    Marion says:

    Sarah, thank you for contacting me to see if Mou is talking of my book.  It is indeed, it’s One Caring Heart published as a Mills and Boon medical way back in 1994.  Sadly it’s only available on the second hand market.  Thank you for the lovely comments; what a lovely message to make my Sunday night.  Mou, I hope you find a copy.

    Warm wishes

    Marion Lennox

  6. 6
    Mou says:

    Hi, this is Mou here! I am absolutely stunned and overwhelmed by the kindness and effort shown by all of you – and I can’t thank you enough for finding my favourite book! I have remembered the effect this book had on me and I have looked for this book everywhere. Now that I know its name, I am going to find and buy it, however hard I might have to search.

    Sarah, thank you! Marion, I don’t know why your name slipped my memory, I love you and your work! Thanks again all of you!

  7. 7
    clarabella says:

    Mou, I don’t know if you have found a copy yet but there is one for sale on eBay UK.…

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