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Kobo Weekend Sale? Yes, Kobo Weekend Sale!

I just received an email about a sale for this weekend only at Kobo, so if you're into the Kobo-books, you might pick up a lovely discount hereabouts. 

First: their “Back to School” sale – with code percyartemis75 you can get 75% off selected YA titles, including the Artemis Fowl series by Eoin Colfer and books by Rick Riordan.

Next: with code aug1725yz you can get 25% off select titles, including Nora Roberts' Unfinished Business, books by Gena Showalter, a collection of books by Brenda Jackson, and a Brave read-along storybook (let me know if the book explains why a Scottish girl is named 'Merida,' please?). 

And finally: with code KWLsave30 you can get 30% off a selection of self-published books, including some of Bella Andre's Sullivan series, and books by Barbara Freethy

What are you buying and reading this weekend? Any tips on sales to share? Have at it! And have a lovely weekend!


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    cleo says:

    Storm by Brigid Kemmerer is on sale – I think it’s just a one day bargain deal. 

    I’ve been on a serious m/m glom – I’ve just finished the Petit Mort series of novellas.  I’m impatiently waiting for K. A. Mitchell’s new book coming out Tues. 

    And I also enjoyed Delphine Dreyden’s The Theory of Attraction – a surprisingly sweet bdsm romance starring a socially awkward but hot rocket scientist.

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    cleo says:

    One more thing – Beautiful Mess by Lucy V. Morgan is fun novella that’s free at Amazon and BN.  It was just reviewed at DA.  If you like snarky, non-pc British humor, this is a good one (plus – gnomes of self pity).

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    Wendy Barron says:

    Sarah, do you and your readers know about Pixel of Ink? ( Free and bargain Kindle books, every day of the week. At least a dozen books, every day. Most of them free, and daily bargains (I’ve seen books up to 89% off). Not all of them are romance, but lots of them are. I have been gorging on them since I signed up for their daily emails.

    Amazon also has a “Bestselling e-books” listing (… that includes bestselling FREE books.

    Because there’s “help a bitch out”, and then there’s “hook a bitch up”. :)

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    SB Sarah says:

    NICE – thanks Wendy!

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