Friendly Reminder: Book Club Chat July 30!

Brigid Kemmerer - Storm As you're packing and repacking and trying to fit a few more pair of shoes in to your bag for RWA, don't forget: next Monday, 30 July at 9:00 pm ET, we'll be hosting the Sizzling Book Club Chat for Brigid Kemmerer's Storm.

I've got burning questions about the series, including whether that cover model used Rave #4 or Dippity Do to style his hair. 

There will be some giveaway action, too, and, depending on the strength of the book club margarita, some shenanigans as well! 

I hope you'll join us – and if you'd like to add it to your calendar, here's a handy-dandy button to do just that: 

Safe travels, if you're traveling, and happy reading!


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