Whatcha Reading?

I love hearing what books you're reading every so often – which is why I love this open thread of sorts to get all nosy in your reading business. Whatcha reading? 

As for me, I am reading a YA due out in August that Jane recommended to me, Pushing the Limits by Katie McGarry ( A | BN | K | S) – which I can never remember the title of, despite seeing it. It's the “kissing in the dark hallway cover” book. Then I have to go look it up. My memory is a ridiculous silly place. (And then, as I was looking up the “kissing in the dark hallway cover,” I found Jennifer Echols' July book, Such a Rush,  ( A | BN | K | S) which sounds all kinds of cool: a teen from a trailer park learns to pilot planes in secret.

But since Pushing the Limits is not out until late July (the 31st, which I am told in Publishing Land, is actually August, despite it being the last day of July. At least my memory is not the only ridiculous silly place!), and Such a Rush isn't out until mid-July (which is Publishing Land is probably December 2016) and I haven't read either one yet, I can tell you that I just finished reading Kate Noble's novella, The Dress of the Season ( A | BN | K | S), which I liked, but didn't love, and which is totally available right now. There's a lot of telling and overexplaining, but I very much liked the intelligent heroine and her determination. I just realized how difficult it is to describe a novella plot, as it's really flipping easy to give away too much! Let's see if I can do it in less than 30 words: Felicity is the ward of Harris, who is better known as Austere Osterley. They were childhood friends, but now he holds himself apart from her, and everything. (They aren't quite snowbound, which I have a total weakness for, but they are certainly rainbound, which is JUST AS GOOD). (The parenthesis do NOT COUNT in the quest for less-than-30.) (Word counts suck.)

So, what are you reading this weekend? Anything totally making you joyous this week? What books are you into? Share share! 


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