June Sizzling Book Club Pick: Bring Him Home by Karina Bliss - Rebate Now Available!

Smart Bitch Sarah's Sizzling Book ClubAs I announced earlier, the June Sizzling Book Club selection is Bring Him Home by Karina Bliss. It's too much fun to highlight the best writing in the SuperRomance line. If you've never tried a category romance, this is a powerful one with a lot of emotion and depth. And the rebate is now on, so if you buy at ARe, you'll get 50% back in eBook Bucks.

Bring Him Home by Karina Bliss

Here's the summary: Claire Langford is ready to move on. She's grieved for her late husband, and now it's time she made a different life for herself and her kid. She's got a new business in the works that should accomplish that. Before the plan gets off the ground, however, she needs Nate Wyatt's help. First she has to track the man down, then drag him to New Zealand.

Too bad Nate is complicated times ten. Given how difficult it was to persuade him to make the trip, she's not prepared for his kindness, his support…his captivating attention. And she's definitely not prepared to fall for him! But it just might be too late to stop that from happening….

I do want to make one point clear: this is not an infidelity book (I don't enjoy infidelity plotlines at all). There is nothing between Claire and Nate while Claire is married. So don't worry! However, I will warn that this book will likely make you cry and laugh. At one point I howl-laughed so hard I scared some ducks. It also made me sob, but all through the “OH SOB” was a big huge “OH WOW” for Bliss, who pulls off an amazing story in this book.

The 50% rebate at AllRomance will be valid from 8-22 June 2012 if you use code SBTBARE at checkout. This book is also available as a print book, and you can find it in many places including Goodreads | Amazon | BN.

And the book club chat is set! On June 27 at 9:00 pm ET, we'll be discussing the book, and Karina Bliss will join us from New Zealand at 10pm ET. Would you like a button to add this to your calendar? Here! You can has!

I think this book tackles some difficult issues with humor and honesty, and I loved reading it. I hope you'll give this book a try and join us for the chat.


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    Bring Him Home is a story that is experienced more often than not by our soldiers. It is survivors guilt, Nate is lucky to have Claire, pull him out of his hell. Of course, as things progress, it will be a HEA. 

  2. 2
    Taylor Reynolds says:

    “At one point I howl-laughed so hard I scared some ducks.”—That pretty much guarantees I’m going to read this book.

  3. 3
    Karen Wapinski says:

    I love this book so far: I admit I was also worried about the cheating plotline, but I love the way this book is done. Can’t wait for the 27 ^_^

  4. 4

    Ooh this looks good. If you laughed enough to scare a duck this is right up my alley.

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