Friday Videos Like You Just The Way Your Are, Part II

Another Friday Video that might make you a little teary? YUP. But it's worth it. PBS Studios and MelodySheep put together a magical tribute song of Mr. Rogers:


MelodySheep is the mastermind behind one of my other favorite Youtube videos, We Are All Connected, from the Symphony of Science series.

Growing up in Pittsburgh with Mr. Rogers on tv, I once thought he was a local thing, until I met so many people online who will come to a full stop with a big wide expression of joy if you bring up Mr. Rogers' Neighborhood. Big huge thanks to NerdyLutheranChick for the link!

As with the other Friday Video today, I hope you have a joyful, happy weekend, full of people who appreciate you exactly as you are right now. You rule. 


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  1. 1
    LG says:

    I never watched Mr. Rogers’ Neighborhood as a child, but now I kind of wish I had.

  2. 2

    Awwww. One of my favorite Mr. Rogers stories? His mom knit all of his sweaters for him. They were Christmas presents.

  3. 3
    girlygirlhoosier52 says:

    I watched him, only I was in college…

  4. 4
    Jessica_HookEm says:

    I watched him every day as a kid.  Those were simpler times.  Remember Reading Rainbow and Shining Time Station?  I was such a nerdy kid.

  5. 5
    Anony Miss says:

    Yup, you made me cry AGAIN! LOVE!

  6. 6
    MissB2U says:

    Lovely!  Brings me back to watching him with my kids.  We were all seeing him for the first time.  He was an awesome guy.


  7. 7
  8. 8
    Beckyroo says:

    “When we love a person, we accept him or her exactly as is: the lovely with the unlovely, the strong along with the fearful, the true mixed in with the facade, and of course, the only way we can do it is by accepting ourselves that way.” 
                                                  Fred Rogers

    Thank you Mr. Rogers!

  9. 9
    GHN says:

    Love this video!
    I, too love the Symphony of Science series, but my favorite vid in that series is _The Quantum World_

  10. 10
    Michelle Klishis says:

    I don’t particularly like auto tune, but that? That is awesome. (sniff)

  11. 11

    Mr. Rogers was a Presbyterian minister and he makes me proud to be one too.

  12. 12
    Flo_over says:

    I went and dropped a ton on all the Mr. Rodgers shows for my girl.  I don’t care if it’s old.  He’s got the right attitude and is a REAL PERSON.  Not a puppet.  Or a dude in a suit.  Love it.

  13. 13
    Heather Goetz says:

    My favorite episode was when they went to the crayoh factory.  Love being from Pittsburgh because that’s where Mr. Roger’s is from!

  14. 14
    Sveta says:

    Never watched him, and I doubt that he would have appealed to me even when I was a kid… but like the video. Very beautiful


  15. 15
    Susan/DC says:

    I discovered Mr. Rogers when my boys were little.  While Sesame Street was clever and fun, I loved Mr. R precisely for his slower, child-paced shows.  He never rushed to the next song, episode, whatever but allowed children time to absorb his stories. 

    Like Heather Goetz, I loved the visit to the Crayola factory.

  16. 16
    Elise Logan says:

    I love the Melody Sheep stuff. I think my fave is “A Glorious Dawn” -…

    It sings to my physics geek self.

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