Friday Videos Like Trying Again

I don't remember how I ended up on this video, but if you sent it to me and I didn't save the email, THANK YOU and I'm sorry. This blew my mind not only because of the painstaking attention that created the final product, but the fact that the end shows the times that didn't work and the artist had to start all over again. 


This artist also created the Mona Lisa out of dominos, too.

I hope whatever you're working on this weekend inspires you to keep going, even if you have to start over. 


Friday Videos

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    tikaanidog says:

    ok, my favorite part was the chucking of the domino at tha last section that didn’t fall down in the ‘fail’ section. you can almost hear the mental ‘dammit!’ when it didn’t go down. :)

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    Terrie says:


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