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HaBO: Two Harlequins from Her Sister’s Stash

Dee wrote in looking for two books from her sister's stash of Harlequins: 

I was inspired by the success of others at finding their first-read,
life-changing romances, to ask about mine. These were gleaned from rummaging
through my oldest sister's boxes after she had moved away to go to

They were definitely 80s Harlequin or perhaps could be Silhouette, either
way they were old. Young and impressionable as I was, even then I remember
feeling a little scornful of both heroines, who seemed like they needed the
hero's love or lovin to become “the person they were meant to be.”

anyways. The first one is the typical story of the jock and the nerd. The
hero is a sports star at the college they both attend and the heroine is a
literature or history major. I remember resenting the fact that she was made
out to be a nerdy lit major because even then I knew that all lit majors
weren't nerds. I can't remember how they end up meeting or even having a
relationship, but they do. Then something happens and they break up.
Possibly because of some neurosis of the heroine, but not sure.

Fast forward a number of years. They both are back at their alma mater, now
as coach and professor. He is still a jock and she is a nice but somewhat
nerdy Lit prof. They still remember each other, but I think the original
issue that broke them up is still between them. Somehow they get over that
issue. The heroine overcomes some mental block with the help of the hero and
his lovin and is less of a nerd now. Because some good lovin is always the
catalyst for growth and change.

I can't reallly remember the second one too well. The heroine is the oldest
child who is looking after her siblings. I think they were all named after
Shakespeare characters, so her name might be Beatrice. Because she has
sacrificed her life looking after her siblings she hasn't really looked
after herself so she is kind of dowdy and dresses the way an old woman
would. The hero is a businessman I think, not sure how they meet. Of course
in their relationship and because of his love (or lovin) she is freed from
all her cares and realizes her true self.

I know they sound a little obscure, but I hope that at least one of the
bitches out there can help.

These are a bit of an obscure challenge but I am betting someone out there says, “Oh! I know – it's this one.” And nails it. Because y'all pretty much know everything.  



Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Sally says:

    The second one is Some Sort of Spell by Frances Roding. One of my favorite rereads. ;)

  2. 2
    FairyKat says:

    That’s incredible. I thought the second description was so vague no-one would know it, and BAM!  I’d love to read the nerdy lit major one, even if it makes me angry.

  3. 3
    Maliha Aqeel says:

    Not sure about the first one, but the second one also sounds like A Dangerous Love by Sabrina Jeffries where the eldest sister, Lady Rosalind, loves all things Shakespeare. Griff, a businessman, comes to the estate to do business withe her father and also to steal his title. Alas, love abounds, Griff abandons his dastardly plan and they live happily ever after. Ain’t love grand?

  4. 4
    Renee says:

    The second one also sounds somewhat like Much Ado About You, by Eloisa James, though it came out in 2005, so maybe too new.

  5. 5
    Dee says:

    Yes!!! The second one is Some Sort of Spell. I totally recognized the cover, believe it or not…. Thanks bitches! does the first one sound familiar to anyone?

  6. 6
    Vicki says:

    Totally inspired to look up the books mentioned – where is the amazon/b&n link?  You guys lead me into sin (spending money on books) so often.

  7. 7
    SusannaG says:

    The second one is totally Some Sort of Spell, by Frances Roding.  There were several novels set in that family – the ones I recall are Some Sort of Spell (Beatrice), A Different Dream (Lucilla), Gentle Deception (Rosy).  All late 80s, probably Harlequin Presents, except for Some Sort of Spell, which I think was a Harlequin Romance.

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