What are you reading?

So, what are you reading this weekend? I love hearing what you're reading, and hate how many books it adds to my “I want to read that!” list. A lot of you like to growl at me for being an expensive book recommender, but I promise, you guys are just as bad for me. 

I will tell you what I'm reading but I feel a bit bad about it. I have an ARC of the new Nora Roberts romantic suspense, The Witness, ( A | BN | K | S ) and so far I am surprised at how much I'm enjoying it. I don't usually like romantic suspense, especially since I read with a great sense of OHCRAPOHCRAP because I suspect all the secondary characters I like are going to get killed off. It's like the James Bond rule: the minute someone tells you about their kids, BAM. They're SO dead. I read with trepidation when I pick romantic suspense. Sarah + romantic suspense: there's a reason the word “dread” has the word “read” in it – for me, anyway. 

My so-far review: the beginning is like book-on-huge-amounts-of-speed, and then once it's switches to present day, the prose switches to I-just-smoked-a-doobie meandering friendlyslow. Once I adjusted to the change in pace, I liked it again, though I was frustrated at the screeching halt.. And as usual, Roberts has a great skill with description in a few sentences that evokes a whole picture. 

So, what are you reading this weekend, and how do you like it so far? 



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