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Beguiling the Beauty

We have winners! The four winners of an ARC of Beguiling the Beauty as chosen by are:

#120: JulieM
#44: Terrie
#95: secohen
#257: scigirlcindy has also given me a winner for the grand prize, an ARC and a bounty of beauty products made by Sherry Thomas: comment #161, JennyB!

Winners, please email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with your mailing address. 

You can also try again to win an ARC at Sherry's Facebook page for the next 72 hours – and, whoo hoo! All of Sherry's backlist is on sale digitally for $3.99 right now!

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Also: you guys are full of the good beauty advice – and I can't believe I needed a reminder to start using sunscreen on more than my face and neck, but I totally did. So thanks.

Sherry Thomas has a new book coming out on May 1, 2012, which you can preorder online now ( A | BN | K S ). Those of you who are Sherry Thomas fans are anticipating this one greatly – I know Carrie S has had this book on preorder since February at least.

So when Sherry asked if I'd like to do an ARC giveaway, I said HELL to the YES and then proceeded to ask her all sorts of nosy questions about the book. Behold! The Interview and Giveaway (-inator™)! There's ARCs and homemade Sherry Thomas beauty products to win up in here. Have a read while Sherry tells us about the book.

Sarah: So, tell us about this here book. And pass the lip balm?

Sherry: Beguiling the Beauty is the first book in the Fitzhugh Trilogy, which revolves around–surprise!–the three Fitzhugh siblings.  The eldest sister is the titular beauty in Beguiling the Beauty, the middle brother will be the one Ravishing the Heiress in the second book, and the youngest sister is scheduled to wear the veil in Tempting the Bride.


(The trilogy is actually a 3.5-ology, as I am contributing a novella about a significant secondary character from book 2 to Midnight Scandals, a self-published anthology that also features Carolyn Jewel and Courtney Milan, available late summer 2012.)

Now back to Beguiling the Beauty, which is my contribution to the overpopulation of dukes in Romancedom.  This particular duke, in present-day terms, would be described as an evolutionary biologist–but since my book is set in 1896, he is just a plain, old naturalist. 

Our naturalist duke has a not-so-minor obsession with a certain beauty he's only seen from afar.  This obsession bugs the ever-loving daylight out of him because he believes the twice-widowed Mrs. Easterbrook to be a money-grubbing, husband-dishonoring slut.  (And you can't really blame him, as her first husband railed against her in front of the duke shortly before the man died broke and under suspicious circumstances–read, suicide.)  The duke avoids Society because he isn't sure whether, even knowing her to be this money-grubbing, husband-dishonoring slut, he can trust himself around her light-bending beauty.  But he's getting old–almost 29, that is–and has promised his stepmother that after a lecture at Harvard University, he will look for a wife in London, where he is certain to run into Mrs. Easterbrook.

This stresses him out.  So, during the lecture at Harvard, when he is asked about the evolutionary aspects of beauty, he uses what he believes to be Mrs. Easterbrook's sins as a cautionary tale, little knowing that the beauteous Mrs. Easterbrook happens to be sitting in the audience, having a massive, “Oh, no, you didn't” moment.

One thing leads to another.   Before the duke knows it, he's on a transatlantic ocean liner having a hot-and-heavy affair with a mysteriously veiled woman, falling for her–as SB Sarah would say–like whoa and damn.  But she disappears at the end of the crossing.

Later, as it is wont to do, all hell breaks loose. 

And, oh, I almost forgot, there are dinosaurs in this story.  (And you thought it couldn't get any better!)   (Okay, only dinosaur fossils, but still.) :-)

Sarah: Are the dinosaurs dukes as well? Do the dinosaurs have a titled class system?

Sherry: The dinosaurs involved, being mere plant-eaters, were prolly outside the titled system.  Mere landholding gentry.

Sarah: What is Ms. Easterbrook's reaction to her beauty? Does she struggle with it? What animal is she based on?

Sherry: Err, she is like the cetiosaurus she dug up when she was sixteen–really a very sturdy character.  She aims to deal with her beauty on practical terms, i.e., she recognizes both that it is quite advantageous to be drop-dead gorgeous and that her beauty is not necessarily a representation of her soul.  But she does suffer a slight bit of insecurity at times, wondering who she is, or would be, if she didn't look as she did.


Sarah: For readers who have enjoyed your books in the past, what do you think will appeal to them about this one?

Sherry: I frankly have no idea.  It doesn't have reunited lovers, long separations, gourmet cooking, spies, or super-duper angst.  :-)  So I will flatter myself shamelessly by relating what my critique partner told me, that reading Beguiling the Beauty is kind of like reading, in her words, “a really good Loretta Chase book.”

I'd tried to write a Loretta Chase book with His at Night, which was my take on Mr. Impossible.  His at Night didn't come out anything like a Loretta Chase book.  Beguiling the Beauty is actually me remaking Judith Ivory's Beast–the ocean-crossing, the unseen lover, and whatnot.  So if by trying my hand at Judith Ivory, I arrive at Loretta Chase, hey, I'll take it.


Sarah: What was the first scene or character you started with when you began this book?

Sherry: When I started out, I actually meant to rewrite Judith Ivory's Beast with only the sexes switched around, i.e, instead of a much older man who is somewhat odd to look at & a little lame (literally) seducing the much younger, rather wild, and extraordinarily girl he is set to marry, sight unseen, on an ocean crossing, I would have a much older woman who is somewhat odd to look at and a little lame (literally), seducing the much younger, rather wild, and extraordinarily beautiful man she is set to marry, sight unseen, on an ocean crossing. 

I wrote ten pages and couldn't go on anymore.  So I said, shove it, I'm writing something else.  I'm just going to have a man who offends my heroine horribly, accusing her of all kinds of crimes of the heart she's never committed, and doing it in such a way that is impossible for her to defend herself publicly.  So that's when she conceives the idea of making him fall in love with her as revenge.  But of course, it goes all wrong and she falls in love with him instead.

But then I had to figure out why the hero would say such things about her to begin with.  And whenever I have a conundrum like that, my answer always ends up being: Of course, he's been in love with her since 4EVA!  :-)

(Let me assure potentially concerned readers that when I am inspired by other books, the end results usually bear as little resemblance to the original as a peacock does a T. rex.  Yes, there is some common DNA, but mine is a totally different animal.)

Curious? I hope so, because we've got 5 advanced reader copies of Beguiling the Beauty to give away.

And because Sherry Thomas is 68% pure evil, she's also offered “a collection of my homemade beauty items.  Lip balm, solid body butter, bath bombs, and maybe even a scrub or two” to one lucky winner as well as an ARC. (I've received tins of Sherry's lip balm. It's super soft and very awesome.)

We will pick 5 winners from the comments at random to win. Standard disclaimers apply: I am not being compensated for this giveaway. Not even with body butter, which sounds really kind of awesome. You must be over 18 and dressed like a sphinx to win. Void where prohibited. Open to international entries, even though the shipping can be a bit slow. Head On: apply directly to the forehead. Some theories exist that suggest if the reader is not directly observing this giveaway, it may cease to exist.

So, tell us, since this book is about beauty and beguilement, what's your best beauty or fashion tip? What's one thing you do that never fails to make you feel awesome and spiffy? Share, and you're entered to win! Comments close in 48 hours, so bring on the beguilement!

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  1. 1

    “His at Night didn’t come out anything like a Loretta Chase book.” Um, it so TOTALLY did. I know I told Sherry Thomas this once before when it first came out, but the first time I read His at Night I got so sucked in I forgot who wrote it and spent a good part of my reading time thinking I WAS reading a Loretta Chase book. (I couldn’t stop reading long enough to put HAN down so how could I look at the cover to see who actually wrote it?)

    Oh, and you can’t see it but I am totally dressed like a sphinx. Yup. *shifty eyes*

  2. 2
    Staplegun says:

    Never fails to make me feel awesome and spiffy: shaving with a new razor (as long as I avoid cutting myself). Even if I’m wearing pants the entire day and no one sees my newly shaven legs, I feel wonderful and more confident. Bonus points if I’m wearing a dress or shorts.

  3. 3
    JenniferH says:

    Great interview,and I can’t wait to read the book – I will have to put an order in at my library early (Sherry Thomas is so popular that by the time I got around to reserving her last book I was about 35 in the list and had to wait 6 months)

    my beauty tip – be bold – where something that is attention grabbing – a piece of jewellry, glasses etc, which draws everybodies attention away from any blemishes (minor or major), and make you feel confident


  4. 4
    Yulie29 says:

    Of course it sounds fabulous! I think Sherry Thomas needs to work her way through the romance canon, writing wildly different (yet excellent) versions.

    I am useless with beauty tips, but cute (and inexpensive) costume jewelry can make me feel very spiffy, and the same goes for my red sandals. Actually, I do have a tip: unless you’re great at doing your eyebrows, have a professional do it for you. Getting the shape right can make such a difference.

  5. 5
    Virginia E says:

    Major beauty tip: always read the ingredients before purchasing products. What works for everyone else might not be the right product for you. You might not recognize all of them, but nothing ruins self pampering like an allergic reaction. (Besides, think of the money not wasted!)

    The second tip is wear a gentle smile. It improves your appearance and brightens the world around you.

  6. 6
    Ilona says:

    Hmm, beauty tip… sunscreen and moisturizer everyday. It will improve the strength and look of your skin as well as helping avoid skin cancer.
    Fabulous skin can make you look ten years younger.

  7. 7
    Sabbyc72 says:

    This is probably a stupid one but always, always, always moisturise! Your face will thank you when you are old!
    Also, try not to wear light coloured belts if you are on the rounder side (like me!) as it just makes your middle look bigger! Lol!

  8. 8
    Vi says:

    May 1st is so far away from now. BUT I am so glad for a new book coming out.

    I’m pretty useless with beauty tips – I’m addicted to buying earrings. And a discovering a earring (you totally don’t need) you loved going with a dress with you forgot you had is one of the best feeling. Makes me happy most days of the week! Also, applying papaya on your face makes your face look better. That’s my two beauty tips.

  9. 9
    DelDryden says:

    *squees* *pre-orders* *slots book in for future Wonkomance discussion based on description* *buys Beast*

    Tinted lip gloss. If nothing else, I always have that in my purse because it makes you look like at least you made some sort of effort. And if you actually DID make an effort, it makes your lips look extra-shiny, bonus! Oh, and also sunscreen on your face, every day.

  10. 10
    Booklight says:

    My beauty tip: Give yourself a mani/pedi. There’s something about having fun colored nails and toes (that I’ve done myself rather than go to the salon) that makes me feel much more put together and classy even on the worst hair and no make-up days. Of course, feeling put together and classy makes me feel more confident, and confident is always beautiful.

  11. 11
    Rebeca Willis-Conger says:

    I always feel confident when I have on fabulous shoes. Sequined red converse are my go-to mood booster. (Yes, I really am that awesome. And no, you can’t have my shoes.)

  12. 12
    Michelle W. says:

    I take a shower every day! “-)  Can’t wait for the book—hurry up May!

  13. 13
    Arloa says:

    A light hand with makeup is my favorite tip. I wear a full face of makeup most days, but only just enough to make it “me, slightly enhanced.” Also a good haircut.

  14. 14
    cupcake says:

    This book sounds marvelous. My tip? Don’t take tips from me. You would understand if you knew how I look before I cover up my blotchy face. Oh, here’s one: use Benefit’s BeneTint. I love it.

  15. 15
    galathea says:

    Since I have long hair and little time, secret leisure beauty tip is working 100 brush strokes through my hair.
    Afterwards it fits the description of heroine hair from romance novels ;)

  16. 16
    Shawnyj says:

    I second the recommendation of a manicure! Something about having my nails done changes the way I see and move my hands and makes me feel very graceful.
    Also (this is more fashion than beauty), don’t wear clothes that don’t look good. This sounds simple, but it’s so easy to buy something that’s trendy even if the style doesn’t suit, or in the size you want to wear, not the size you should wear, but in the end you’re really not doing yourself any favours.

  17. 17
    Beckyroo17 says:

    What a fun interview!  My beauty tip is to brush a little highlighting eyeshadow right under the sweep of your eyebrows and in the corner of your eyes.  It really opens up the eyes and makes them “pop”. 

  18. 18
    megan says:

    I blow dry my hair when I want to loom spiffy

  19. 19
    Suz_Glo says:

    Great interview! My beauty tip involves good ol’ Vaseline or Aquaphor. Rub it on your nails and cuticles to make your hands look great. Or a little bit across your lips creates an instant clear gloss. In a pinch, I will even use it as a night time moisturizer.

  20. 20

    I tame my Evil Villain eyebrow!

    And Sherry, you had me at ‘dinosaurs’, then I LOL’d at them being landed gentry ;-)

  21. 21
    mkbans87 says:

    Great interview!  So excited for Beguiling the Beauty.  I loved Not Quite a Husband.  A great beauty tip I’ve been told is you look good when you feel good, so do what makes you happy.  :-)

  22. 22
    Gail Leinweber says:

    A sphinx, now there’s a costume party idea.

  23. 23
    Camilla says:

    Best beauty tip…….spend time with people who adore you…it makes you glow. (My dachshund always qualifies)

  24. 24
    HappyPiranha says:

    Tinted moisturizer with sunscreen! 

  25. 25
    Qualisign says:

    Sphinx-wear: Dust? I can totally do that.

    Beauty tip: If your socks (or shoes) don’t match, if a hole magically appears in your tights/nylons, if you spill coffee on your lap, JUST DON”T LOOK DOWN. Keep eye contact at all costs.

  26. 26
    Sarah L. says:

    Since I have two daughters under 3, my beauty tip is to make my husband watch them so I can have a shower without “Mommy? Mommy? MOMMYMOMMYMOMMYMOMMY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

    It’s amazing how much thinking I can get done in the shower when I’m not being interrupted every 2.9 seconds :)

  27. 27
    Bravo says:

    Thanks for a great interview.  My tip is to remember that good posture makes you look more confident and best of all thinner.  So as mother always said…“shoulders back, stomach in and stand up straight.”

  28. 28
    Dee N says:

    Groomed eyebrows give the face a polished and more awake look.  If you have unruly strays, tame them with a bit of false eyelash glue.  This lasts all day until you remove it with some eye makeup remover. =)

  29. 29
    HellyBelly says:

    Great interview – so looking forward to these books!
    My beauty therapy is to have a sauna after one of my gym sessions, using hair mask and face pack. Once a week, no cheating.
    Also – to feel good I always wear pretty underwear. Even under my sweats at home.

  30. 30
    yael says:

    So very excited for a new Sherry Thomas to read!
    Okay, beauty tip: For years my hair looks like a giant puffy triangle, neither curly nor wavy nor straight. Started using the Curly Girl method of hair care (non-foaming shampoo, dry hair with a cotton t-shirt, don’t blow dry without a diffuser) and now hair has actual nice curls. 

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