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SBTB/DA Bestsellers: 28 February - 6 March 2012

This week's Top 10 is late because for the life of me, I can't find the Mackenzie's Bundle anywhere anymore. I don't think it's on sale this week, but it was last week, and lots of you bought it. I hope you enjoyed it! 

Me, I've been on vacation, and I read a TON, which made me terribly happy. Here's this week's Top Ten: 

  1. Rose Garden by Susanna Kearsley | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  2. A Madness of Angels: Or The Resurrection of Matthew Swift by Kate Griffin | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  3. Mr Bishop and the Actress by Janet Mullany | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  4. A Lot Like Love by Julie James | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo |
  5. Mackenzies Bundle:  by Linda Howard | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  6. Out of the Deep I Cry: A Clare Fergusson and Russ Van Alstyne Mystery by Julia Spencer-Fleming | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  7. Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  8. One-Click Buy: December Harlequin Blaze by Jill Shalvis, Jennifer LaBrecque, Jacquie D'Alessandro and Kate Hoffmann | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  9. Fair Game by Patricia Briggs | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  10. Welcome to Temptation/Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo

So, what have you been reading and enjoying this weekend? What book are you carrying to work with you tomorrow? 




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  1. 1

    Rereading The Hunger Games series.  Don’t plan on carrying it to work though. I took my kids’ spring break off.

  2. 2
    cleo says:

    I read Collision Course by K.A. Mitchell and Wicked West by Victoria Dahl – both were rec on one of the BDSM / 50 Shades of Gray threads.  So good. 

    I’m re-reading The Borrowers (yes, the children’s classic – think I got it on sale from BN for my Nook).  Yesterday, I saw The Secret World of Arrietty (based on TB), which I thought was terrible (the kids the theater seemed enthralled but the adults kept laughing at the cheesy dialog) but at least it inspired me to read the original.

  3. 3
    Copa says:

    I read the entire Mackenzie bundle over the last week.
    Wolf’s story: Very enjoyable, though I knew who the villain was at his first appearance
    Joe’s story: Also very enjoyable, fast paced
    Zane’s story: My least favorite as I didn’t enjoy the heroine, but still a fun, quick read
    Chance’s story: My favorite, one of my first romances years ago, love the playfulness between them.

  4. 4
    Amandag_18 says:

    I read Bad Boys Do and Real Men Will by Victoria Dahl – both thoroughly enjoyable stories, and really believable! I’m in the middle of Tell Me Lies by Jennifer Crusie and it is soooooo good! Hate that I have to put it down for school…I also started My One and Only by Kristan Higgins, but the heroin grated on my nerves and I wasn’t particularly attached to any of the supporting characters, so I gave up on it.

  5. 5
    Taylor Reynolds says:

    I read the Mackenzie bundle as well. And I wondered, with five books in the series, why did they leave Maris’ story out of the bundle?

    I started “The Madness of Lord Ian Mackenzie” by Jennifer Ashley last night (had to make up for that missing Mackenzie in the Howard series :) I don’t want to give away any spoilers, so know that I ADORE Ian and his “madness,” but at the same time, I don’t think the relationship between him and Beth works for me. I love the book and want to get the others in the series, and I’m sure I will finish this one and re-read it a few more times over the next couple years, and probably recommend it to people also. So even though the relationship doesn’t work for me, it’s still a keeper and one I would happily share with friends. And if that doesn’t make sense to you, get the book so you can see what I mean!

  6. 6
    MissB2U says:

    I read “Castles” by Julie Garwood.  I usually love her books but this one was kind of meh.  The heroine kept bouncing back and forth between savvy and TSTL.  Not JG’s best but it’s from ‘93 and she’s clearly honed her skills since then. I also read “Third Grave Dead Ahead” by Darynda Jones.  It was really good!  She kept the story and the writing brisk in spite of this being the third in the series.  Very sharp and clever and definitely worth the read!

    I also read “Fair Game” by Patricia Briggs which I loved, and “Dying Wish” by Shannon K. Butcher which was just ok.  The series is losing it’s appeal to me.

      Next up is “I Q 84” a sci-fi book by Haruki Murakami which takes place in Tokyo in, you guessed it, 1984.  I’m wait listed at the library for the new JD Ward and “The Lost Book of Fragrances”.  I’m thinking about checking out that there Mackenzie bundle while I wait.

    Happy week all.

  7. 7
    Donna says:

    I, too, went with a pick off the BDSM post: “The Vampire Queen’s Servant”, by Joey W. Hill. I’m also half way through my MacKenzie re-read. Zane has just showed up at her door having used MacKenzie logic to determined that one of his warrior swimmers must have taken root.

  8. 8
    Susan says:

    It was a slow reading week/weekend for me, but I finished up Rob Thurman’s Cal Leandros series, including the latest one, Doubletake.  I had put off starting the series, but then went thru it one book after the other.  Now I have to wait a year to find out what happens next!  I’ll have to read the books from her other series to tide me over, I guess.

    This morning (before work), I started on the latest C.S. Harris book, When Maidens Mourn.  Too early to get a sense of it yet, but I’ve been on tenterhooks ever since finishing up the previous book.

    After that?  Soooo many items in my TBR pile!

  9. 9
    Shiny says:

    I got a wisdom tooth pulled last week, so I did what any logical person would do and swung by a used book store to stock up before hand. So far I’ve read two Teresa Medeiros (The Devil Wears Plaid and Some Like it Wild) both of which were pretty fun, a Nora Roberts two-in-one reprint (two stories set in Manhattan (Dual Image and Local Hero -thank you Mr. Wikipedia), both of which it turned out I’d already read, but it was fun rereading them) and now I’ve just started a Claudia Dain (The Courtesan’s Secret), though by now my tooth is pretty much fine. I still have left the first of Diana Garbaldon’s Lord John Grey books (it wasn’t even used, but I couldn’t help myself) and Julie and Julia which I’ve wanted to read ever since I saw the movie whenever it was that it came out, but never got around to it. That was one productive trip to the book store :) (And now that the semester has started in earnest I shouldn’t really be reading at all, but who’s counting?)

  10. 10
    Patrice says:

    I finished Spirit Bound by Christine Feehan and have been trying to get Shadow Heir by Richelle Mead started. But a terrible head cold is interfering with my reading.

    BTW has anyone else been having trouble getting to the DA site? It seems to get 3/4 of the way then just clocks and clocks until it times out. I realize this is SBTB but ya’ll do a lot of stuff with DA.

  11. 11
    Patrice says:

    Oh yes and loved Fair Game by Patricia Briggs. This one really was a game changer for both her series. I can’t wait to see what happens next!

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