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Via Tina C comes this link about Little Free Libraries popping up around the world. Have you seen one? Is there one in your town?

March 14-18, an assortment of romances, including some Stephanie Bond contemporary tiles and some paranormal romances as well, will be free as a St. Patrick's Day promotion. See anything you might want to try?

Staples has a speed-reading test online that compares your results with the average battery life of popular ereaders. I was pretty spanking fast, but I think the speed of what I'm reading depends on whether I'm enjoying it.

From Cheryl M comes this entry from award-winning author Jo Walton, titled How I Stopped Worrying and Learned to Love Romance.

Walton explains her conflicting feelings about the romance genre, but what also grabbed my attention was the discussion about worldbuilding in Regency Heyers and in science fiction taking place in the comments. Fascinating.

And finally: deals! 

First: Kobo is running a contest wherein, should you buy any of the Hunger Games books prior to the movie coming out, you're entered to win a prize. The Grand Prize includes a Kobo Touch and a $50 movie voucher. Cool!

Choose from more than 2.5 million eBooks


  • Wanted: Undead or Alive by Kerrelyn Sparks * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • The Cowboy Takes a Bride by Lori Wilde * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • A Week to be Wicked by Tessa Dare * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • The Art of Duke Hunting by Sophia Nash * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Confessions from An Arranged Marriage by Miranda Neville * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • Perilous Pleasures by Jenny Brown * $4.99 * A | BN | K | S
  • The Curse of the Chalion by Lois McMaster Bujold * $0.99 * A | BN | K | S

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    Jo Walton is a classy lady and an excellent author.  I especially recommend her alternative WWII history (Farthing, Ha’penny, Half a Crown) as very scary and engrossing, but all of her work is good.

  2. 2
    Revmelindapdx says:

    Bujold for 99 cents! I am so there! Thank you!

  3. 3

    The Curse of Chalion is a wonderful book and a steal at .99.  It has great world-building, a memorable, tortured hero, nice romance, and a fast-moving plot. If you like fantasy, head right over and buy it.  You won’t regret it.

  4. 4
    erinf1 says:

    Cool… Here’s my score “You read 573 words per minute. That makes you 129% faster than the national average.”. Like you, I bet I really speed up if I’m enjoying what I’m reading… This is my justification for why I have so many books :)

    Thanks for the links!

  5. 5
    Tuinmeubelen says:

    That was a wonderful post! Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us! I hope to read more of your post which is very informative and useful to all the readers.

  6. 6
    CarrieS says:

    Oh, my gosh, you guys, I love Jo Walton so much that the mere mention of her name makes me squee to the point of absurdity.  LOVE her 2 series and cannot recommend them enough, but “Among Others” is an absolute must read.  Still trying to find an excuse to review it for this site even though it isn’t a romance, just because I want the whole world to read it.  I do have a review of Shards of Honor coming down the pike eventually, out of pure coincidence. 

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