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HaBO: She’s a Really Tall 12 Year Old?

This request is from C, who is looking for a romance that's possibly from the 80s. 

I am looking for a romance novel that I never got to finish when I was
younger because my grandma thought it was inappropriate. Now that I am all
grown up, I want to find and finish this book whose title and author I do
not recall.

The plot is a young English heroine who has been recently orphaned. Her
perverted Uncle is now her guardian and tries to force himself on her. She
knocks him unconscious and flees to her former nanny. The nanny protects her
by becoming an indentured servant to an American, secreting the girl out of
the country with her. She stays hooded and concealed when they meet her
nanny's new employer, and the nanny tries to pass her off as her tall,
twelve year old daughter.

Anyone know of this book? Wowser. Anyone recall this book? That sounds rather cracktastic!


Help a Bitch Out

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    Itgirl says:

    I thought this might be Surrender by Pamela Clare but I don’t recall a nanny in that one, and it was mid to late aughts (2007ish) so I am no help.

    Then I tout it might be one of the first romance novels I read, perhaps a Signet Regency? Call something like Indentured Innocence, but I think That was a bit more My Fair Lady-esque. 

    So I am no help except you have no comments and it made me sad.

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    cleo says:

    Yay Itgirl – I was waiting for someone to make the first comment, since I don’t have a title to guess just an author.  It sounds like it could be a Kat Martin – I think she was writing in the 80s and she had several with evil, lecherous guardians and crazy plots.

    I can think of several that start with the heroine knocking out a lecherous guardian and fleeing (To Catch a Heiress by JQ, No Man’s Mistress by Mary Balough etc), but the nanny isn’t ringing any bells yet.

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    Kara Keenan says:

    The Golden Dove by Jo Ann Wendt seems to have some promise- except the girl was sold when she was just an infant.

    I was thinking Johanna Lindsey’s Love Only Once, but there’s no indentured servants in that one, and it didn’t come out until 1997.

    Petals on the River by Kathleen Woodiwiss- the heroine is sold into indentured servitude and becomes a Nanny. But this book also didn’t come out until the 90’s.

    Sorry, this is a tough one.

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    Story seems interesting but I am never interested in books and novels..

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