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HaBO: Lots of Illegitimate Children? Sure!

This request is from Daisy, who is looking for an historical romance she read some years back. 

I'm looking for a historical, but I don't remember the title, author, or
character names. I do remember a lot of the plot though and some random
details, so hopefully someone will recognize it.

So the hero is a lord of some kind and has a whole passel of illegitimate
children who are forever misbehaving. He decides that the best way to solve
the problem is to get married so the children have a mother. He gets his
friend/relative/secondary-less-important-character-guy to go find him a wife
and marry her by proxy. Here we meet the heroine who is, for some reason,
collecting apples in her apron. Her family thinks it's a great idea to marry
her off to a complete stranger and away she goes.

Lord meets new wife, instant sparks which must be denied (I don't remember
why…). Hijinks ensue between the new wife and the mischievous, but lovable
children. The children and the wife start to get along. Later the lord and
the wife fall in love and everything is going well until a new illegitimate
baby shows up. Angry confrontation between the lord and lady reveals that
none of the children are his, he's been taking them in because his own
father left tons of by-blows everywhere and abandoned most of them,
including the hero (who somehow managed to inherit the title anyway).

I first read this in the early 2000's, but it could have been published long
before that.If anyone can help me out I'd be super appreciative.

Hijinks with a passel of kids? What could be better! Anyone remember this book? 


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    Amanda M Garlock says:

    I HAVE READ THIS!!!!  I think it’s Teresa Medeiros, charming the prince?

  2. 2
    Amanda M Garlock says:

    Description according to Amazon:
    Dear Reader,

    My enemies know me as Lord Bannor the Bold, Pride of the English and Terror of the French. Never in my life have I backed down from any challenge or betrayed so much as a hint of fear—until the war ended and I found myself a reluctant papa to a dozen unruly children.

    Realizing that I couldn’t lop their little heads off or throw them in the dungeon, I sent my steward out to find them a mother and me a bride—an attractive, meek, maternal creature too plain to tempt me to get her with child. You can imagine my horror when he returned with Lady Willow of Bedlington, a spirited beauty who made me think of nothing else!

    With her cloud of dark curls and the sparkle of passion in her eyes, Willow was everything I’d sworn to resist. I never dreamed she would join forces with those mischievous imps of mine to teach this cynical warrior just how sweet surrender can be.

    Bannor the Bold,
    Lord of Elsinore

  3. 3
    Loulou says:

    Definately Teresa Meideros! I have the book somewhere but ofcourse I cann’t find it now I need it, but Amanda Garlock is right.

  4. 4
    Tuppencest says:

    The hero but not the plot sounds like Ryder Sherbrooke in the Hellion Bride eby Catherine Coulter.

  5. 5
    Daisy says:

    Definitely Charming the Prince! I looked it up and I recognize the cover. Thanks for the help!

  6. 6
    Tracie says:

    Definitely the Teresa Medeiros book. 

  7. 7
    Deborah Monn says:

    just checked it out from the library on my kindle!

  8. 8
    Rebecca says:

    Elsinore??!!??  Are we sure this isn’t a paranormal where it turns out Lord Bannor (snerk) is actually a ghost?  And my inner snark-monster is fighting to get loose at “Lady Willow.”  Was this book published some time in the late ‘80s when the fantasy movie “Willow” came out?  Or does “Willow” define the heroine personally, the way Lauren Bacall objects to being nick-named “Slim” in “To Have and Have Not”?  DOWN, snark-monster, down!

  9. 9
    Amitatuq says:

    I actually knew one!  And I knew it before I clicked on the description.  As soon as I saw lots of illegitimate children…  I need to reread this one.

  10. 10
    Tina Chaney says:

    I thought for sure that this was one of Sandra Hill’s Viking stories, but it doesn’t match any of the ones I found on her website.

  11. 11
    Carol Lynn says:

    Hill’s “The Very Virile Viking” had that plot and time travel, too!

  12. 12
    Olivia Waite says:

    I’m sorry—Lady Willow of BEDLINGTON? Amazing.

  13. 13

    Just downloaded it. Looked like fun.

  14. 14
    Tina Chaney says:”>THAT was the name of it!  Thank you, Carol Lynn.  (I knew I remembered that book – up to and including the “they really aren’t mine” plot twist.)

  15. 15
    Grace says:

    My oldest child is named Willow (born in the 21st century). It never failed that each person who learned her name asked if she was named after the character in the 80s movie or Buffy’s best friend from BtVS series.  I could always guesstimate someone’s age by that entertainment/generational gap.  We actually did choose the name from a baby name book, but I don’t think people believed us.  ~grins~

    To second/third/fourth Amanda’s note, this is definitely Medeiros’s Charming the Prince.  I immediately recognized the herd of illegitmate children plot and pulled the book off the shelf to verify. 

  16. 16
    Nagako says:

    I finally knew one!  And man oh man did this one give me the giggles—it was the apples that really tipped me off.  Hope you enjoy the re-read!

  17. 17
    anne harris says:

    I read this book!!!  I so enjoyed it!  Loved the illegitimate children twist!

  18. 18
    dee says:

    Lucky you, Deborah – it’s not available to download from my library.

  19. 19
    Eliza Baum says:

    This one sounds like a good read. Adding it to my TBR list!

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