SBTB/DA Bestseller

SBTB/DA Bestsellers: 17-24 January 2012

Books on sale! Books that are good! Books that are classics! Books that are good classics on sale! They sell a lot. How's that for analysis first thing in the morning?

And that exhausts my allotment of exclamation points for the day. Please continue your Sunday in staid and even fashion. 

  1. And Then He Kissed Her by Laura Lee Guhrke | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo |
  2. Beauty and the Duke by Melody Thomas | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  3. Devil's Bride with Bonus Material by Stephanie Laurens | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  4. Sprig Muslin by Georgette Heyer | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo | ARE
  5. Untamed by Elizabeth Lowell | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo |
  6. Angelfall by Susan Ee | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  7. To Love a Thief by Julie Ann Long | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  8. Alluring Tales–Awaken the Fantasy by Vivi Anna, Sylvia Day, Delilah Devlin and Cathryn Fox | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  9. Forbidden by Elizabeth Lowell | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo
  10. Mad About the Duke by Elizabeth Boyle | Amazon | BN | Sony | Kobo


General Bitching...

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  1. 1
    Carolyn says:

    Damn you, Bitches!!  I just bought Elizabeth Lowell’s Untamed plus the rest of the trilogy. I don’t even know if I like her writing.

    I’m so not safe in a bookstore, especially if it’s an ebook store. At the same time, I do thank you for giving me direction in my madness.  :-)

  2. 2
    Kate says:

    Oh dear. I can account for buying 4 of those titles last week.

  3. 3
    Jennybouchard says:

    This website is going to lead to my financial ruin.  I cringe every month when I count how many Amazon purchases are on my credit card statement.

  4. 4
    brandy says:

    Jenny, buy yourself an Amazon gift card.  It’s a lot less painful! 

    I also purchased many of those books.  :D

  5. 5
    Michelle C. says:

    Does the bonus material in ‘Devil’s Bride’ make it worthwhile to buy another copy? Just wondering.

  6. 6
    Donna says:

    Finally, a list with books I’ve already read or already have in my hot little hands! No flipping over to Amazon this week!

  7. 7
    cleo says:

    I’d say that the price makes it worth buying as a convenience copy.  The bonus material is meatier than a lot of bonuses I’ve seen, but wasn’t particularly interesting to me since it’s all about promoting her current Cynster bride trilogy, and not about the writing of Devil’s Bride or the whole Cynster saga.  There’s an excerpt from each of the new three books, with an interview with her about each of them.

  8. 8
    Michelle C. says:

    Thanks for the reply. I think I can manage without the bonus material then.

  9. 9
    Lisa Pegg says:

    So, will EIKAL be on the list next week due to the awesome-sauce sale this week and all the Bitchery buying it? :)

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