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HaBO-Thon: He’ll Be There With Bells On. Really.

This Help a Bitch Out request comes from Megan, who describes a book I would swear was erotica, but she says is not: 


Hero had long hair. He may have been sent from an alternative dimension.
Turns up on the heroine’s doorstep searching for some sort of artefact. He
loved the taste of coffee. There was a fight in a car park when he kicked
the pants of some bikers who were giving him rubbish about his hair.

He wore an anklet with bells. They (the hero and heroine) ended up travelling to
search for some holy grail type artefact. This was definitely romance and
not erotica, it may have even been a Harlequin which doesn’t seems very
likely but stranger things have happened.

Long hair and bells. Seriously, someone has to remember this book. Anyone? 


Help a Bitch Out

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  1. 1
    kkw says:

    Could the hero have been a time-traveling Viking?  It’s making me think of Sandra Hill.

  2. 2
    Maggie says:

    I’m pretty sure I’m conflating two different books but there’s this book where the hero is stuck in a painting through a curse, or maybe stuck in a book, and he’s way old skool (like ancient old) and she’s a modern dame and he wears bells on his ankle.  Does that sound familiar to you, Megan?  I realize this is not very helpful since I don’t remember the name or author, but if it sounds familiar maybe we can build in some more facts.

  3. 3
    Donna says:

    I think it sounds like Dara Joy’s “Knight of a Trillion Stars.”

  4. 4

    Knight of a Trillon Stars by Dara Joy.

  5. 5
    Nikki says:

    Until the anklet I was thinking Knight of a Trillion Stars as well.  But the anklet makes me think Rejar.  I would be interested in finding out what this book is.

  6. 6
    Ann says:

    This reminds me of a Gena Showalter book.  I’m not sure which one (I read them on top of each other…)  Maybe the Pleasure Slave or the Stone Prince?

  7. 7
    Smwurfy says:

    it sounds like Autumn Dawn’s ‘Fallon’ or also known as ‘The Golden Bell’. I remember the hero going to look for something and beating the crap out of some guys in prison- or was it at her house? sorry, something like that.

  8. 8
    Natalie Hargrove 6 says:

    This reminds me of Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon (her Dark-Hunter series). Except for the bells it fits. He is cursed into a book and she calls his name (Julian) and he appears. He’s basically a “sex slave” by the heroine’s (Grace) definition. They find a way to break his curse and fall in love. There is a part in the story where he beats up some bikers and a few jerks.

  9. 9
    The Other Susan says:

    Sex slave in a book…huh.  I’ve read a lot of books, and it’s never happened to me.  Yet.

  10. 10
    Nicole B says:

    This reminds me of The Sword of Maiden Tears, the hero is an elf from another dimension who wears his hair long and if I remember correctly is rescued after getting beaten up by thugs making fun of his hair. He meets up with a soon to be librarian named Rose and together they go looking for the sword which is cursed and turns people into grendels.

  11. 11

    Could this be Heart of A Warrior by Johanna Lindsey? older book (2002 maybe) and was quite “hot” and sexy for it’s time

  12. 12
    Copa says:

    …Do people get beaten up a lot because of their hair? Because if so I may need to start wearing long, girly wigs to cover up my awkward, growing out of pixie wtf why does half of it lay flat & why does half of it stand straight the f*** up stage….

  13. 13
    rudi_bee says:

    I thought of Fantasy Lover by Sherrilyn Kenyon as well. I’m pretty sure Grace’s friend who was a gypsy (kind of) wore an anklet with bells. Perhaps Megan has just accidentally put them on Julian instead?

  14. 14
    Silver James says:

    Maggie, the first part of your comment sounds like PHANTOM PLEASURES by Julie Leto. This was the first in a series about brothers who were all cursed by the villain and they are stuck in an object until a woman frees them and helps them break the curse. I enjoyed them.

    Everything else in the HaBo sort of fits but for the bells on the ankle. I also had a thought that it might be a Rowena Cherry or Susan Kearsley book, but I checked the ones on my shelves and nope. None of the ones I’ve read fit. Curious about this one.

  15. 15
    Angela James says:

    I would also have said Knight of a Trillion Stars by Dara Joy, but I just re-read that book and these parts “There was a fight in a car park when he kicked
    the pants of some bikers who were giving him rubbish about his hair.

    He wore an anklet with bells.” Don’t happen in it. But the rest of the description is actually bang on. (for what it’s worth, the hero didn’t wear an anklet with bells in Rejar either).

    If the reader find this book and it’s NOT Knight of a Trillion Stars, I totally want to read it!

  16. 16
    F_borto says:

    Rejar by Dara Joy was set in Regency England so it can’t be the right book.

  17. 17
    Susan says:

    Copa:  I don’t know if people get beaten up because of their hair, but I’d sure like to beat up other people (yes, you, Tony the stylist) because of MY hair.  Luckily, hair grows back. . . and boxed dye may be gotten relatively cheaply.

  18. 18
    Electric Landlady says:

    I have no idea what this was, but I’m stunned by the number of books that it apparently could be!

  19. 19
    Lily White Lefevre says:

    I am fairly sure this is an Angela Knight book…the hero is the king of the fairies and the heroine is a werewolf. Could that be right? I know he had ass-long hair, his bodyguards ass-long hair was all the colors of the (neon) rainbow, and he was from an alternate dimension… I am going to go scour my bookshelves to see if I can figure out the name of the book I have in mind and if there are any bells (which, if there were, I didn’t actually remember)…

  20. 20
    Lily White Lefevre says:

    Master of the Moon is the one I’m thinking of. I apparently resold the book when I cleared my collection of all the paranormals, so I cannot verify the bells. But I’m pretty sure it’s the one…I remember it being a pretty good read with some hot sex so even if it’s not it might be worth checking out, lol

  21. 21

    FWIW, The Sword of Maiden’s Tears was by Michael Jan Friedman (who was better known later on for several Star Trek tie-in books), and marketed as fantasy rather than romance.

  22. 22
    JTReader says:

    No, Sword of Maiden’s Tears was written by Rosemary Edghill.

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