Sizzling Book Club Chat: Sandra Hyatt’s Lessons in Seduction

Tonight at 9pm, the window below will go live and we'll be discussing Sandra Hyatt's Lessons in Seduction. I hope you'll join us, as it should be fun. 

Because Ms. Hyatt passed away last August, there won't be a Q&A portion, and I'll be ending the chat a bit earlier than normal. But during the chat I am aiming for mayhem, merriment, and a great discussion of this book, which I really enjoyed. I hope you did, too.

Talk to you tonight!



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    Marilyn says:

    I worked tonight so missed out on the discussion.  Some where in the universe Sandra is looking down and saying thanks, thanks for appreciating my contribution to the genre, thanks at this special time of the year, for sharing your thoughts.  Very special, Sarah!  Happy Holidays everyone!

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    Mary says:

    Sorry to have missed the discussion tonight but I was at the airport picking up my daughter and son-in-law. Truth be told, I haven’t even had time to read the book BUT I will. It’s on my kindle. Happy Holidays, everyone!

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    Tania says:

    Argh! The trouble with being retired is you lose track of days.  Here I am at 6:06 pm Pacific ready to talk about the most excellent LESSONS IN SEDUCTION because I bought the book, read it and was ready to participate… then I realized it all happened YESTERDAY.  In any case, I bought the book based on it being this month’s Sizzling Book Club’s selection and thoroughly enjoyed it.  Enough to see about glomming Hyatt’s backlist.  Hope you all had a great discussion.  Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas Eve Eve.

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