Hanukkah, Day Four - It’s Nook Time!

Merry Christmas Eve, Happy Hanukkah and Happy Traveling and Eating Day for Everyone! I hope you have time to read today. 

The Fourth Day of Hanukkah brings: NOOK! A nook Touch, all for you. 

Now, sometimes, I have heard, if you bring your nook into a local Barnes & Noble, coupons magically appear. So, tell me, which coupon would you MOST like to appear (feel free to Get Insane here, because it's not like BN's Coupon Development Team is going to take this seriously) on your nook, and you're entered to win. 

Usual disclaimers apply. I'm not being compensated for this giveaway. Your mileage may vary. Wear a helmet. Void where prohibited. Must be 18 and over and wearing a touque to win. My understanding is that the nook does not work outside the US/Canada, so unless you plan to hack it and make it work in your locality, I think this has to be US/Canada only. My apologies. 

You've got about 24 hours to enter, so let's get coupon crazy. My coupon choice: “You are eligible for ALL OF THE CHOCOLATE. Go get it.” 

Happy Hanukkah and Merry Christmas everyone!

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  1. 1
    Anna says:

    Oh, all the chocolate is a very tempting choice.  I think, though, I want mine to tell me I have half an hour to download ANY BOOK I WANT would win out for me.  I could do a lot of damage in that time.

  2. 2
    erinscafe says:

    Half off damaged goods: Half price for any story involving a brooding hero injured while fighting under Wellington’s command who has returned home feeling like half a man because of his handicap, i.e. probably just a barely noticeable limp.

  3. 3

    Hmm…I think I would want a “Buy one book, get 100 things free.” I always want to buy not only all the books at B&N, but all the cool bookish merchandise as well.

  4. 4
    Darlynne says:

    That all the books on my shelves at home (somehow, and without being all stalker-ish about it, B&N would know what’s there) were now available for free download to my Nook. They’re doing this, of course, to thank me for my support over the years.

  5. 5
    G C says:

    Mine would be: “Congratulations! You have a choice between receiving an unlimited supply of Moleskine notebooks OR first dibs on all the lounge chairs in the store. Go to the cash register for details. Redeemable at all B&N locations.”

  6. 6
    Thecrazygranny says:

    1 whole series of your choice to download.

  7. 7
    Erin says:

    “Cleavage coupon” = free auto-download of all books with man-titty and/or heaving bosom covers.

  8. 8
    Katherinelynn_04 says:

    I am also going to have to got with the ‘free downloads of all the books in your library!’. I have a ton of paper books, some of which I would be okay parting with, if I knew I could get to them digitally (there are, of course, those books I will NEVER PART WITH. NOT EVEN IN A FIRE. Like my leather-bound Narnia books. Those I will have 4EVAH!)

  9. 9

    I like Anna’s idea of an hour to download anything that I want, but I’ll add a free pint of the ice cream of my choice from Ben and Jerry’s because B&N can totally do that.

  10. 10
    Amitatuq says:

    While all the chocolate is tempting (don’t they have Godiva?), as long as we’re not required to be realistic I’m going to say a BOGO sale on all ebooks!

  11. 11
    Jenny Dolton says:

    Oooh, that’s hard. I think I would go with “buy one book, get the rest of the author’s backlist for free.”

  12. 12
    Jennifer M(OR) says:

    Well, if I’m going to get crazy, I’d like a coupon for buy this author once get all of the author’s subsequent books free. Yes, that would be nice indeed.

  13. 13
    Reneesance says:

    Please redeem this coupon for ONE MAGICAL PONY!! :)

  14. 14
    Nadia says:

    How about “all hardbacks at paperback prices for the rest of your life”?  Because I hate waiting.

  15. 15
    Aralira says:

    One coupon for your own happily ever after.

  16. 16
    Brook says:

    I want a coupon that allows me to buy all the books in a series at half price if I bought the first book and liked it.  I love finding a series that can keep me interested for 4 or 5 books, but it gets expensive by the end.

  17. 17
    Lisa J says:

    This coupon good for unlimited wishes.  No expiration and can be transferred, as needed.

  18. 18
    notmygnome says:

    I want a coupon for the cover models of the books I buy to come clean my house.

  19. 19

    None would get me to come in. Again, if I won this I’d donate it to the library where I work. Only reason I’m entering. The library needs an ereader to use to demonstrate how to use one to borrow ebooks. We can’t afford one though. But if I could win one….

  20. 20
    Elizabeth says:

    Coupon for free lifetime subscription to the New York Times.

  21. 21
    Evb330 says:

    Coupon for free app to scan bar code on books alredy owned and automatically convert to ebook on my reader.  Then I can get rid of all the hard copies of books taking up space in my house and I can give the hard copies to my friends (thereby taking up space in their houses)

  22. 22
    Mistifi339 says:

    Buy one book, get hot bookstore sales guy free.

    Yes please.

  23. 23
    rissatoo says:

    Oh my! My B&N coupon says:
    Greetings to you, the lucky finder of this Golden Ticket from Barnes & Noble. Present this ticket at the cashier’s desk and do not be late. You may bring with you one ereader (preferably a Nook Touch). You will spend ONE FULL DAY (24 hours) downloading any book that you want – including any titles with 2012 release dates! In your wildest dreams you could not imagine the marvelous surprises that await you! 

  24. 24
    Erika M says:

    Buy one, get two free for cookbooks. I’ve been in a bit of a cookbook collecting craze lately. Now, if the coupon included a fully outfitted and stocked gourmet kitchen to go along with it, that’d be even better…

  25. 25
    Dejla says:

    I think the coupon that would get me would be—Choose any author and we’ll put all of their books (including backlist) in ePub format and give them to you free!

  26. 26
    Leigh says:

    I’d go for a Happily Ever After coupon—free downloads of books where the hero and heroine truly belong together at the end, and you don’t finish thinking they’re only happy until their next ridiculous fight over something that could be resolved if they’d just talk to each other.

  27. 27
    Rose D. says:

    Hmmm, I would like B&N to have an online library to read books for free – not just the ones they decide are free.  Crazy, huh!?!?!

  28. 28
    Gabrielle says:

    The Headless Heroine coupon.  All books with partial woman covers would be mine, all mine!

  29. 29
    StacieH4 says:

    Everything 50% off everything.  I love a bargain.

  30. 30
    Nicolle Davis says:

    Free coffee all day every day!  Yum!

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