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There are so many freaking book deals. It's crazy. My inbox overfloweth with the announcementeths. Here. Have a list.

First, Devil's Bride with Bonus Materials by Stephanie Laurens is on sale for .99c. [Amazon | BN] Not only is that an amazing price (though I wonder what the bonus materials are – that must be one heck of a trousseau) but that's an amazing book. I read it all the time. I love this book. 

ETA: from WF, Kindle Store's The Big Deal has a ton of .99c and free-for-Prime-members books as well.

BUT WAIT THERE IS MORE: Eloisa James has asked that her novella Winning the Wallflower be available for free for readers this weekend only (22-26 December 2011) so it's free, cheezy bread, free, for anyone who'd like a copy. [Amazon | Kobo | BNWORD Brooklyn | iBooks | Sony] Not all retailers have dropped to zero, but they should soon. 

From 21 December to 8 Jan the following books are going to be $1.99 from Sourcebooks. Each book is the start of a series.

Avon! Avon has the sales, too.

  • Home for the Holidays by Johanna Lindsey [ Amazon | Kobo | BN ]
  • A Seduction at Christmas by Cathy Maxwell [ Amazon | Kobo | BN ]
  • The Christmas Pearl by Dorothea Benton Frank [Amazon | Kobo | BN ]
  • Silent Night, Haunted Night by Terri Garey [ Amazon | BN ]
  • Holidays are Hell by Kim Harrison [Amazon | BN ]
  • All I Want for Christmas is a Vampire by Kerrelyn Sparks [Amazon | BN ]
  • Any Given Christmas by Candis Terry [Amazon | BN]
  • All the Pleasures of the Season by Lecia Cornwall [Amazon | BN ]

But wait, there's more:

  • White Tiger: Dark Heavens Book One by Kylie Chan [Amazon | BN]
  • Eternal Rider by Larissa Ione [ Amazon | BN]
  • If Looks Could Kill by Kate White [Amazon | BN]
  • The Lost Duke of Wyndham by Julia Quinn [Amazon | BN ]
  • Wicked Intentions by Elizabeth Hoyt [Amazon | BN ]
  • Tempest Rising by Nicole Peeler [Amazon | BN ]
  • Insatiable by Meg Cabot [Amazon | BN]
  • Bumped by Megan McCafferty [Amazon | BN ]
  • Entwined by Heather Dixon [Amazon | BN ]

What are you buying this week?


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  1. 1
    Ros Clarke says:

    The Jill Mansell books are not part of a series. She only writes stand alone books.

  2. 2
    Yvonne D says:

    I’ll be buying Gaelen Foley’s My Ruthless Prince and Anne Gracie’s Bride by Mistake.  I got Courtney Milan’s Unlocked free for kindle. Love freebies

  3. 3
    Jenny Dolton says:

    I’ll be going HOME for Christmas, which means a different set of used book stores! So I have no idea what I’m buying this week. Walking in will be like opening a present…

  4. 4
    Wifeshee says:

    Amazon has “the big deal” until 12/23, many e-books for $0.99 and if you’re a “prime member” some books are free $0.00!!

  5. 5
    SB Sarah says:

    That’s what I thought, though the press release I had said most were starts of a series – thanks for the correction!

  6. 6
    cleo says:

    I’m focusing on last minute present shopping and NOT spending any more money on books for me, even at bargain prices.  I did pre-order Devil’s Bride (with bonus materials, woo hoo) and am reading it now.

    And I’ll just put in a plug for SEALed with a Kiss.  Ignore the odd cover (mantitty with man-boobs?  I just don’t get it).  I usually avoid SEAL books because I don’t like rom suspence, but this is a lovely, thoughtful romance with no mystery/suspense and I enjoyed it.  I discovered it because of a thread here – the heroine has Celiac Disease (gluten intolerance) and so do I.  The gluten-free stuff is not the focus of the book at all but it’s well done.  It has one of my favorite meet cutes that I’ve read this year – she’s family therapist and she sees that he’s having trouble connecting to his 5 yr old son while at the beach so she comes over to help, and he thinks she’s hitting on him.  I had a few issues with believability in the plot (but then, I usually do) but overall I liked it and I really like Dautridge’s voice.

  7. 7
    Zara K says:

    I just started The Raven Prince. I know, I know, should have read it way long ago. But! I am juiced to have Devil’s Bride for a dollar; I borrowed it years ago, and don’t remember it well, so it will be a nice treat.

    Sarah, I got a sample of “Broken”, by Megan Hart. It looked interesting, and it seems neither you nor DA has done a review on it. Gasp! I’m sampling a Book that hasn’t been reviewed!!!

  8. 8
    MissB2U says:

    Author Tracker sent me an email saying that the ebook of Kim Harrison’s “Every Which Way But Dead” is on sale for $1.99 and it includes a sample of “A Perfect Blood” the next book in the Hollows series!  Her publisher is Harper Collins so maybe if you go to either her website or theirs you can get the link.  I’ll forward the email to SB Sarah and maybe she can post a link…

  9. 9
    DreadPirateRachel says:

    Same here. In fact, I’ve been at my parents’ house all week, and when I went to one of the used bookstores in their town, I found not one but TWO rare books that my husband has been dying to read. Major score!

  10. 10
    Larena Hubble says:

    The Legend of Michael by Lisa Renee Jones is $1.79 from Source. This is such a get book.  :-)

  11. 11
    hapalochlaena says:

    Hee! I’ve mentioned this already on Dear Author, but Team Ilona Andrews has released a free Kate Daniels novella, _Magic Gifts_ as a prezzie for their fans. This link will be live for two weeks only:… .

  12. 12

    I just downloaded the Eloisa James novella.  I’ve never read anything by her before so this will be nice.

  13. 13
    Fran says:

    Jill Mansell’s books are chick lit—-really fantastic chick lit.  Totally worth the price.

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