Friday Nov. 4: WORD Brooklyn Book Event

Book CoverThis Friday night, I’m heading over, over, all the way over to Brooklyn to visit with the fabulous folks at WORD and party with EIKAL. Come on over and join us! If you’ve never been to WORD, it’s an amazing book store, and the folks who work there are SO FUN. This will be one heck of a party, and I’m totally excited.

You can RSVP at their Facebook page, and you can find directions on their site. I’ll be driving in from Jersey. If the event is at 7pm on a Friday night, think I need to leave around 4? Or can I wait until 4:30? (KIdding!)

Want a handy Google Calendar button? Here it is!


I am so excited about this event. This marks yet another independent bookstore event I’m doing for EIKAL – and I can’t tell you how much I love meeting romance-friendly independent booksellers. They’re so cool.

I hope you’ll come on over!


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    7 pm in Brooklyn is 1 pm in Hawaii … bar’s open …. so we’ll toast you with a Mai Tai.  Very cool that you continue to support independent bookstores.  Sadly, they are an endangered species like the nene (Hawaiian goose).

  2. 2
    kkw says:

    I’m going to a bar mitzvah in Skokie, so I can’t go, alas, because Word’s actually in walking distance from my house (though somehow never open when I walk by).  I hope everyone who can go has a fantabulous time.

  3. 3
    Alyssa Cole says:

    Super excited for this event tomorrow! Word is really great—-they even had scones at the last romance event I went to (Regency romance themed).

  4. 4

    I. AM. SO. THERE.

    Will you be selling copies of your book there?

  5. 5
    Cialina says:

    That medieval novel sounds like my cup of tea! Added to the TBR list. I love older romances! I hope to see more of these blog posts.

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