Sizzling Book Club Chat Tonight: Sea Change by Darlene Marshall

Sizzling Book ClubTonight at 9pm EDT, the window below will go live and we’ll be discussing Sea Change by Darlene Marshall. Pirates! Cross dressing! Women practicing medicine!

I seriously cannot wait to chat with you, especially after the discussion of cross dressing, gender, and women in history living publicly as men. Author Darlene Marshall will join us for a Q&A at 10pm EDT. I hope you’ll stop by and join us as well! Talk to you soon!


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    I’m looking forward to chatting with the Bitchery tonight!

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    Karenmc says:

    Unless my memory seizes up completely and I don’t remember what year it is, let alone the correct time (a distinct possibility lately), I’ll be there.

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    Joanna S. says:

    My schedule is so wack-a-doodle this month that I just wanted to say (in case I cannot make it to the formal chat) how much I enjoyed both this book and the earlier discussion of its premise.  The latter was so fascinating that I had to read the book, and I really, really (like cake AND ice cream “really”) loved it!  So, thankyoubunchesoftasty to Darlene Marshall for writing such an enjoyable book.

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    TanyaD says:

    Darn it!  I missed it. Oh well, i’ll read the chat and have some fun comparing what I thought about the book.

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    make me to become more interested. The Walking Dead

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    JanG says:

    I’m sorry I missed the chat but being six hours ahead of the east coast of America it was more than a little difficult.

    I thoroughly enjoyed reading the replay.

    First, let me say I’m JanG not JaniceG even though my name is, in fact, Janice.  I got quite a shock when I saw Janice’s name in the replay, especially as most of her comments sounded like they were coming out of my mouth.

    Second, I thoroughly enjoyed this book, but like some of the participants of the chat, I found the change of pace after the explosion a little strange.  I also found the ending was a little too pat.  Oh yeah, David is still alive, terribly scarred but still perfectly ‘capable.’  It felt too rushed…too convenient.

    I have to say that up to the explosion the book deserved a whopping five stars, but the section after the explosion dwindled to a two star rating.

    I’ll definitely read Alexander Murray’s book.  I liked his character a lot.

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