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Tonight! 7:31 PM to 7:49 PM CT/ 8:31 PM to 8:49 PM ET I will be on Dresser After Dark talking about EIKAL. For added hilarity, please know that this is just past bedtime in my house, so I’ll be hiding in the bathroom, avoiding the dogs, any nagging cats, and of course, bedtime shenanigans.

AND THEN… Monday 10 October on the OWN Network, I’ll be appearing live (YES LIVE!) on The Gayle King Show. The Gayle King Show can be heard on XM 111/SIRIUS 204 between 9 and 11am, or at 10 am EST on @Oprah’s Network, OWN. If you go to the OWN Network page, over on the right next to a very small picture of Oprah’s head where it says “Find OWN on TV.”

I will now do everything in my power to avoid developing a mammoth pimple by Monday. And figuring out what to wear. And trying to remain calm. BUT OH MY GOSH HOW EXCITING!


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    Listened to the whole interview, and you were great!

    I can’t remember exactly how he worded it, but basically he admitted that he really wasn’t looking forward to the interview, but you won him over.

    Thanks again for being such an excellent advocate, both for us and your own book!

  2. 2
    Wahoo Suze says:

    My complexion went to hell about the time I turned 38.  You know what’s awesome?  Proactive.

    Seriously, I went from feeling like I needed a bag over my head to getting compliments on my skin from random strangers, including (gasp!) an artist!

    /end plug (for which I am being in no way compensated)

  3. 3
    Carin says:

    Oh my gosh!  You’re going to meet Gayle?  What if Oprah stops by?  If she does, you MUST have some suggestions ready for her Book Club, because I tried a couple of her books and found them seriously depressing.  So, maybe you could talk her into some happiness via romance!  Do it!

    Imagine if she made her entire book club read The Iron Duke!  Or The Perfect Play?  Or anything by Shelly Laurenston!  That would be seriously cool.

  4. 4
    Zoe Archer says:

    You can never go wrong with a killer pair of boots.

    But, fer realz, mazel tov!

  5. 5
    Lisa Hendrix says:

    This is so cool. I missed the interview tonight, but will do my best to catch you on OWN. Mazel Tov un Hatsloche un Broche.

  6. 6
    Sarah Morgan says:

    Well it’s getting close to Halloween so you could theme your dress and that way if you develop a pimple (which I’m sure you won’t) viewers will think it’s part of the costume.

    Alternatively you could wear what you feel good in, smile and knock ‘em dead.

    Go Sarah!

  7. 7

    Great news that you will be on Gayle King.  Do you have a publicist or did you approach them or did they approach you? Steph

  8. 8
    Pamala says:

    I am seriously SQUEE-ing for you Sarah!  That’s great and since I have the OWN network on my DirectTV package, I’ll mark the date and tune in to see you.  Yay!!

    I was lucky enough to win an ARC of EIKAL and LOVE LOVE LOVE it. 
    I also listened to the podcast yesterday and you and Jane were amazing.  I listened until the end but since I already have a copy, I didn’t email for the extra special surprise drawing.

    Again, I’m so happy for you and the publicity for EIKAL.

  9. 9
    EC Spurlock says:

    This is fantastic and I am so excited for you! See if you can get Oprah to lighten up and realize that books don’t have to be depressing, or even considered “great literature”, to be enlightening and informative, and romance is often both!!

  10. 10

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