Friday Videos Went through the Trash

I’ve watched this four times, and I’m still laughing.


Thanks to everyone who sent me this video. Have a weekend where the trash stays in the can!


Friday Videos

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  1. 1

    OMG! That was my life in 2004 when my hubby deployed to Iraq. Every single say the dogs got into the cat litter and the pretended they didn’t do anything wrong. That’s awesome! Great video, am sending link to my hubby in Iraq right now!

  2. 2
    Kathleen O says:

    Cute…. But he could have been napping an the other two could have been the real culprets…LOL

  3. 3
    henofthewoods says:

    Kathleen O – how innocent can he be, he has a piece of the garbage can around his neck. That is not an E-collar, it is evidence of major naughtiness.

  4. 4
    Kathleen O says:

    Hey, he could have been set up…lol..Funnier thing have happened

  5. 5
    Patrice says:

    Oh man. But at least most of it stayed in the kitchen. He didn’t like that trash can collar but was just patiently waiting on his bed for his master to get the thing off. Mastiffs are amazing. I used to dog-sit for my neighbor’s English Mastiff and that dog was so, so sweet. But stubbron and messy even if he didn’t get into the trash. Put a mastiff and a golden doodle together and see the messes. Throw in a Great Dane pup visitor occasionally. Yikes! BTW the trash can was away in a closet there! lol TY for the smile! Happy Friday!

  6. 6
    Susan says:

    ROFL!  Looking so innocent with the trash can lid around his neck!  Oh, the joys of dog owneship!

  7. 7
    James Lynch says:

    I have two dogs (no trash diving, fortunately) that love to go on the furniture they *know* they’re not allowed on.  The big one gets very guilty; the little one has no guilt and will happily look at you while staying on the furniture.

    I so love dogs…

  8. 8
    Kate Pearce says:

    LOL! I love the way he’s just sitting there waiting for someone to take the trash can lid off his neck.
    It reminds me of when one of my three little boys got my lipstick and wrote all over the bathroom, they all denied it but I had to point out that only one of them was called Alex and only one of them could actually write his name at that point…so maybe next time he shouldn’t sign his work? :)

  9. 9
    library addict says:

    Very cute!

    My dog always acts innocent even when he’s caught in the act.

  10. 10

    This is a FAVORITE FAVORITE FAVORITE video lately. I can’t help but laugh every time I watch it.

  11. 11
    Jo says:

    LOL! Too funny….

    That video reminded me of an incident with my bffs dog. Bff and I were sitting in her lounge room having a nice chat when in walks her dog, with a cat bowl in her mouth, the bowl was tilted up almost covering her eyes which is why I guess she didn’t see us, both of us were too surprised to say anything so dog takes a couple more steps, finally notices us sitting there, drops the bowl, she had the greatest “oh sh%t” look on her face I’ve ever seen. She then looked down at the bowl back at us like ” Huh how did that get there?” and hightailed it out the door. All we could do was laugh, one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen.
    Gotta love our furry family, always entertaining!

  12. 12
    robinjn says:

    As a dog person, I love how the owner actually was willing to take responsibility (It’s my fault, I left it awfully full) and was not trying to badger or humiliate his dog. There was one a few months ago where the guy just went on and on berating his dog and his dog was throwing every submissive behavior he could; a lot of people thought it was funny but I hated it.

  13. 13
    Mel R says:

    So funny!
    We had a Jack Russell Terror who used to do naughty stuff when we were gone.  He never acted guilty, but our Golden Retriever did, and we could tell as soon as we walked in the house whether we were going to find something we wouldn’t like based on her behavior (staying very close to us, tucking her tail, etc.).
    The strange thing is, we verbally punished her only a couple of times as a puppy, she was very well behaved.  I guess she just had sympathy for the trouble her comrade was going to get into.

  14. 14
    hestia says:

    Okay, I’m mostly immune to animal videos, but I’m shaking with laughter, I’ve got tears running down my face and the kids think I’m having an episode.

    But you haven’t met true naughty until you’ve owned a schipperke. Seven years and that stupid dog was never fully housebroken.

    Now I miss my little Queequeg…

  15. 15
    lauren says:

    I have an English Mastiff all 140lbs of her and I have never had a problem with her eating garbage!  She has a BIG bark and is a great watch dog…but other than that she is putty in my hands!  A gentle giant!

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