EIKAL Celebratory Giveaway of Holy Crap Awesome: The Winner

Hi Screen Reading Folks! This is a picture of EIKAL. My book cover is so cute - it's a clinch cover with a brown paper bag image on top, torn at the corners.Over 1200 people entered the giveaway of Holy Crap Awesome, and authors contacted me this week to add titles, offer presents, and make it even more awesome-r. Thank you to everyone who entered and contacted me and tweeted and posted about it and generally helped me throw a party.

And now it’s time to pick a winner, and make the post office lady laugh at me a LOT. You ready?

As selected by the Random Integer Generator, the winner is Seton who posted on 10.04.11 at 11:46 AM. Congratulations, Seton! Email me at sarahATsmartbitchestrashybooksDOTcom with your address and we’ll get to work on Epic Box o’ Stuff heading in your direction.

Thank you again everyone who entered, and who celebrated with me. Y’all rule.


General Bitching...

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  1. 1
    seton says:

    Thank you, Sarah, Random Integer Generator, and to the generous donators.
    As I mentioned to Sarah, my Derek Jeter booblehead will be happy to know it will be getting a female playmate.
    *pinching myself to make sure that I am not dreaming*

  2. 2

    Huge congratulations Seton!

  3. 3
    marykate_leahy says:

    Congratulations! That’s awesome.  I think the prize should include one of those belts that movers wear, for your postal worker ;)

  4. 4
    Samantha says:

    Congrats Seton!

  5. 5
    Terrie says:

    Congrats on the glorious win!

  6. 6
    Rose says:

    Congrats, Seton! And congrats to the Jeter bobblehead, too.

  7. 7
    library addict says:

    Congrats Seton. Enjoy the treasure trove.

  8. 8
    MelB says:

    Congrats to Seton!! Enjoy the legendary Box O’ Stuff. :)

  9. 9
    Beth Yarnall says:

    Congrats Seton! I guess it’s okay that Nora gets to hang with Jeter, but I had a spot all set up for her. *sigh* Anyone know where I can get the Nora bobblehead (ebay is $100!)? I wanted her more than the ereader!

  10. 10
    Aurora says:

    Congrats Seton. See? Happy endings are for other people and not directly in my life…

    Word: into27. I’ll be 27 next year, how depressing.

  11. 11
    EbonyMcKenna says:

    Congratulations Seton
    You’re going to need some more bookshelves!

  12. 12
    Kaetrin says:

    Congratulations Seton – what an awesome prize for you!  and thx again Sarah for the giveaway.  Even though I didn’t win.  *mutter*.  :D

  13. 13
    meoskop says:

    Congrats Seton!

    I think we need a photo of you rolling around in the loot laughing maniacally. Or of Jeter putting the moves on Nora.

  14. 14
    sugarless says:

    Congrats! I’m only hating on you a little :-p

  15. 15
    Danielle D (Dani) says:

    Congrats Seton!  I’m so jealous!?!?!?

  16. 16
    Donna says:

    A deep depression.
    Rampent jealousy.
    Congrats on the win Seton.

  17. 17
    Madd says:

    @Seton … Congrats! If I knew you in person, I’d totally mug you! lol

    @ Donna … reminded me of an Hee-Haw song my husband likes to quote in times of bad luck or when he’s got the blues:

    Gloom, despair, and agony on me
    Deep, dark depression, excessive misery
    If it weren’t for bad luck, I’d have no luck at all
    Gloom, despair, and agony on me

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