Thanking the September Advertisers

It’s time to thank the September advertisers – thank you! Muchas gracias! Toda rabbi! These are the lovely folks who fund hosting, posting, and general shenanigans, and without them, the site wouldn’t be as funky and definitely not as hot pink.

Thank you for advertising with us, and thank you to everyone who has clicked on the ads, because you’re supporting advertisers who want to reach romance readers directly.












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    alison says:

    ‘The Mallen streak” by catherine Cookson is a lusty,timeless bodice ripper with a whole family of white hair streaked villains and heroes

  2. 2
    BookwormBabe says:

    If you need feedback with regards to your advertisers – I bought Shadow Kin due to your site.  I likely never would have discovered it otherwise.  :)

  3. 3

    What Sarah said. We really appreciate the clicks (and SBTB sends us lovely stats so we can keep records), and we also appreciate ever reader who takes time to post a rating at Goodreads, Amazon, Fictionwise, etc.

    Thanks, all!

  4. 4
    DonnaMarie says:

    I want to personally thank the nice people at  If I hadn’t looked at their ad for the Laura Kinsale audio books and thought “Is that man about to have a sword fight with a unicorn? I must have that book!”, I never would have realized just how badly I need new glasses.

  5. 5

    Donna, that is a clear message that you should switch from reading to listening to audiobooks. ;)

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