Links of Visual Hilarity!

From Patrik:

These are some AWESOME ads for books from Jashanmal Books in Dubai: I like the Harry Potter one.

From Bronwyn Parry:

Best placement of the ‘Look Inside’ arrow EVER:


Colonoscopies! Colonscopies for all!

If there’s no buttsecks in that book, someone’s going to be mighty put out.

And finally, from Naomi Hurrell, the Best Cake Ever:


That’s the best cake since friends of mine put Trogdor on a cake with the inscription reading “Happy Burninating Trogdor!”


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  1. 1
    CK says:

    LMAO…apropos? LOL. Thank you, though I’m glad I swallowed my wine just before I started reading.

  2. 2
    Flo says:

    Is it bad that I just WANT that book now because of the well placed arrow?  I am such a sucker for accidental hilarity.

  3. 3
    H. Vert says:

    I _love_ the cake pic.  Love it!

  4. 4
    quichepup says:

    Well, if nothing else I hope this helps her sales.

    Love that cake, Andrew is a lucky guy. Now I want, nay, demand you to show us the Trogdor cake.

  5. 5
    Elli says:

    Eh.  I hope Andrew’s inclinations run that way.  Because if he’s the husband of a wife whose inclinations run that way, then he’s been cake-dissed.

  6. 6

    (secret Strong Bad fan)  :D

  7. 7
    ocelott says:

    I need to see that Trogdor cake…

  8. 8
    SusanL says:

    LOVE the cake :D

  9. 9
    Ken Houghton says:

    “If there’s no buttsecks in that book, someone’s going to be mighty put out.”

    None according to the description, which highlights BDSM and two types of spanking.

    Appears actually to be a short story from “Future Fantasies, Volume Two,” which does not appear in AMZN’s list.

    Not to mention that the story itself is part of a series, so there may be a complete novel (or “fix-up,” if you prefer).

  10. 10
    mariai says:

    I <3 Trogdor the Burninator!

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